IKEA UK - Birstall Van Dock Levellers

Why IKEA chose a Van Dock Leveller…


With a Loading Systems Van Dock Leveller, you can load your vehicles more efficiently and save your employees from potential injury by removing the dangerous heavy lifting duties. 

It works as follows: the delivery vehicle parks at the loading bay with the doors still closed, the doors are then opened and the Van Dock Leveller is easily positioned in the vehicle with the control panel.

The vehicle can then be easily and safely loaded. 

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Van Dock Solutions


Our customer Ikea approached us for a solution to improve the loading of their Luton style vans. The vans are used to transfer empty cages between different areas on their sites.

We, therefore, suggested our Van Dock Leveller on their loading bay to see what a difference it could make.

The answer was a BIG difference with Ikea now discussing installing more Van-dock levellers to improve their logistics on-site at other stores in the UK and Europe.


Before… (Birstall, Leeds IKEA store)

IKEA before van dock leveller installation


Van Dock Leveller installation…


IKEA van dock installation




IKEA after van dock installation


Enhanced Edge Protection…


Enhanced Edge Protection


Van Dock Technical Specifications



If you would like someone to make contact with you to discuss your requirements in more detail or to arrange a free inspection of your loading bays, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0800 1601965 or email: sales@loading-systems.co.uk