Health & Safety and Double Dok Lifting Platforms

Submitted by T Bennett on Tue, 07/10/2018 - 15:57

Our approach to developing loading bay products can be summed up by our motto “We take care” – but how precisely do we do that?
....….By listening to what our clients’ tell us and by working in close collaboration with them to develop solutions that improves their business.


It was through this practice that we came to develop an exciting new safety feature on our latest Double Dok Lifting Platform for a Dotcom customer.

Loading Systems Double Dok Lifting Platforms enable the loading and unloading of home delivery vans as well as single-deck and double deck trailers from a single loading bay.

One of our new safety features is a self-tensioning wire skirt positioned under the lifting platform which creates a wall of steel preventing operators or goods from falling into the gap underneath the lift.  This new feature ensures the uppermost in safety compliance, efficiency and quality.



Rob Fay, Easilift Loading Systems Managing Director, added: “The new safety feature of our Double Dok lifts puts paid to any potential risk to operators and warehouse staff.  The new self-tensioning wire skirt significantly reduces the threat of a potential accident and also improves operational efficiency of the loading bay by preventing goods from getting trapped under the lift.”


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