Health and Safety is our Uppermost Priority

Submitted by A Munt on Wed, 08/16/2017 - 12:29

Health and Safety is one of our uppermost priorities 


Our approach to our provision of loading bay products and solutions has long been summed up by our motto “We take care” – but how, precisely, do we do that? 

We go to great lengths to ensure all our products are compliant with the European Machinery Directive Guidelines, as well as CE-marking.  Easilift Loading Systems is also certified in accordance with such relevant national and international quality marks as ISO 9001:2008, VCA, Investors in People, HACCP and Safe Contractor.


We believe a solution is not effective if it is not safe!


Equally a safe solution is of little use if it is ineffective at boosting your company’s productivity. Unlike some of our industry competitors, we don’t consider efficiency and safety to be competing priorities, but instead go hand-in-hand. 

For example, our Wheel Lock Vehicle Restraint system locks vehicles or trailers onto the loading bay and is easy to operate.  An integrated vehicle guide ensures that this highly rated vehicle restraint keeps the vehicle positioned in the centre of the loading bay. This keeps a locked vehicle parked safely in place to ward off the risk of dangerous premature vehicle “drive off”.  Due to the low number of moving parts its maintenance requirements are also kept to a minimum.

Allow us to take away your worries about your loading bay safety !


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