Easilift Loading Systems serves a range of sectors with distinction

Submitted by A Munt on Thu, 01/10/2019 - 15:56

There are many characteristics with which one may associate Easilift Loading Systems. There is our high level of expertise in the manufacture and installation of all manner of loading bay solutions, encompassing such options as industrial doors, lifting platforms and dock levellers. There is also our highly proactive and responsive approach to maintenance, and our commitment to the highest standard of compliance. 

However, there is one other aspect of Easilift Loading Systems that has long helped our company to stand out from its competitors – its sheer confidence in catering to the requirements of the broadest range of sectors with a need for an efficient and uninterrupted supply chain. 

What industries are represented among our clients? 

One of the sectors that we have been proudest to serve down the years has been the aviation industry, to which we supply level access doors for hangar bays and lifting platforms for the convenience of baggage or freight handlers in storage warehouses and airport terminals. 

However, we have also provided solutions to automotive clients such as BMW, including the installation of scissor lifts so that cars can be transported to multiple levels within buildings. Meanwhile, Nissan in Sunderland has benefitted from our supply of full vision sectional doors and large level access doors for its showroom and service departments. 

Another sector that has been greatly aided by our know-how is the dotcom delivery one, our company having manufactured and supplied two dock shelters and five mini dock levellers suitable for use with Ocado’s home delivery vans. 

The pharmaceutical industry, too, is one with which we work extensively. Such organisations as Boots, GlaxoSmithKline, AAH Pharmaceuticals and Sanofi are among our past clients, the latter working closely with the NHS to make efficient and reliable medicines available to patients. By installing high-speed doors and vehicle restraints at Sanofi’s South Yorkshire distribution centre, we have been able to make the facility as safe and as efficient as possible. 

Talk to Easilift Loading Systems about how we can assist 

Don’t place your trust in any company other than Easilift Loading Systems when your organisation is seeking the most dependable and high-performing loading bay solutions. 

We cater to clients and industries ranging from architects, contractors and developers to food and drink, logistics and manufacturing. So get in touch with our team today on 0800 160 1965 to learn more about how we can meet your firm’s most specialised needs, whether you simply require a few lifting platforms or a much more comprehensive set of solutions.