Easilift Loading Systems offer a truly industry-leading range of dock levellers

Submitted by A Munt on Thu, 06/21/2018 - 13:50

It is one thing to find a trusted manufacturer and supplier of dock levellers, and quite another thing to partner with an organisation that is as capable as Easilift Loading Systems is with regard to the sheer variety of types of dock leveller and related items that it can provide.

The basic principle behind a dock leveller is to efficiently bridge the difference in height and distance between the warehouse floor and vehicle. But beyond this, many customers may not have realised just how committed our firm is to producing the bespoke solutions that perfectly match their needs.

Whatever your requirements, we can provide a complete solution

Your business’s site could be a large distribution centre, small warehouse or anything in-between, the fact of the matter is that Easilift Loading Systems is more adept than any competitor at devising the solutions to address almost any loading bay application. We even pay close attention to the architectural aspects of your building in formulating the best-suited products for your company.

However, it is the comprehensive range of models and options that most impresses about our dock levellers. You may be on the lookout for an electro-hydraulic dock leveller incorporating a hinged swing lip, for example, or even a telescopic lip for the bridging of larger gaps, we can give you both.

We can also supply a single combi-dock leveller that can accommodate both articulated vehicles and delivery vans, as well as stepped dock levellers that enable trucks to reverse into the loading bay without the trailer doors needing to be opened first.

Discover the wonders of CombiControl

We take great pride here at Easilift Loading Systems in being a total solution supplier, able to provide control systems for totally integrated operating systems. You can therefore request combined control boxes that incorporate all manner of features and perks.

These include the simple aesthetic benefit that such integrated solutions provide compared to some other suppliers’ individual control boxes, as well as the fact that just one power supply is needed.  We can also incorporate an “Auto-Return” button into all of the dock leveller control boxes that we provide for you, enabling the automatic return of the dock leveller to its home position at the end of the loading and unloading process.   It’s also a straightforward process to install our controls in even the most space-restricted environments, as well as to adapt them to accept most of the accessories that we offer.

Call our team today, on 0800 160 1965, or email: info@loading-system.co.uk and we’ll guide you through everything you need to know to order dock levellers that perfectly meet your most demanding requirements – as a result, living up to our motto that “we take care”.