Easilift Loading Systems can make the food and drink industries life easier

Submitted by A Munt on Sat, 07/28/2018 - 13:03

It should be no great surprise that Easilift Loading Systems is such an in-demand provider of loading bay solutions to the food and drink sector. After all, this is an industry where any product purchased must meet stringent standards with regard to hygiene and temperature control, as informs our approach across a vast range of product categories.

A vital project in Wales

The range of clients that we have served in the food industry down the years is a truly distinctive one, encompassing such household names as Aldi, Cadbury, KP, Morrisons and Waitrose.

However, it may be even more instructive to learn of some of the specific ways in which we have assisted such clients, like Fine Foods in Abergavenny, Wales, where the internal temperature needed to be maintained at plus three degrees.

We therefore helped to minimise the impact of changing atmospheric conditions by supplying inflatable shelters with an effective seal, in addition to fitting the high-speed doors that would be instrumental in maintaining the temperature within the building and lowering energy costs.

Distinguished work across the leading supermarkets

As aforementioned, Aldi is another key name in the food and drink industry for which we have provided the benefit of our expertise. We have assisted the popular supermarket brand by installing dock equipment to its exact desired specifications, for its new-build stores as well as where a need has existed to adapt existing space.

Another major UK supermarket turned to us in somewhat urgent circumstances, when floods caused the closure of its Carlisle store. In the words of the Store Manager:

“I would like to personally thank you on behalf of the business, for the support and lengths that you and your business went to... the colleagues and residents of Carlisle have a store to be proud of and this could not have been done without your support and hard work.”

With our products including high-speed doors, dock levellers, dock shelters and protection systems continuing to play crucial roles for organisations throughout the food and drink sector, there could scarcely be a more trustworthy company to which to turn to maximise your own firm’s loading bay operations.

Simply contact the Easilift Loading Systems team today, on 0800 160 1965 or email: info@loading-systems.co.uk to learn more.