Dock Shelter SOS

Submitted by A Munt on Tue, 07/19/2016 - 18:46

Need a new dock shelter in a hurry?  

That’s what happened to Troy Foods in Leeds in May. One of their loading bay dock shelters needed replacing urgently in order to keep their operation running smoothly.

Grahame Haldane, their Engineering Manager, called us here at Easilift Loading Systems on the Friday to see what we could do. 

Mike Armstrong, our Service Office Manager, took the call. After a quick discussion with Grahame about their specific needs, Mike located the exact type of dock shelter they needed in stock here at Loading Systems head office in Huddersfield. 

As they were in stock, we were able to get the dock shelter delivered to site on Monday and our engineers installed it in the loading bay the very same day. 

The loading bay was up and running again on the Tuesday, reducing the fallout of costly downtime and getting Troy Foods’ operation back on track.

A successful SOS – a new dock shelter delivered and installed within two working days, minimum impact on the company’s operation and another satisfied customer.