Dock Levellers Cheaper Than 30 Years Ago

Submitted by A Munt on Tue, 05/30/2017 - 12:07

A going concern for over half a century, Longley Farm produces some of the finest milk based products in Yorkshire.


We recently took a call from Mr Dickinson the owner, who wanted us to go to the site to discuss buying a replacement dock leveller and shelter system including traffic lights and wheel guides. 

Whilst our representative was on site it transpired that he remembered selling them their current dock leveller in 1988 ..yes that’s how long both our staff have been working for us and how long the dock leveller has lasted!

Mr Dickinson went off to his office and a short time after came back holding a copy of the original quotation and details of the order they had placed.  

It transpired that the cost for the dock leveller in 1988 was higher than the replacement unit! I bet there’s not many manufacturing industries that can boast their products are cheaper 30 years later!


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