Cold Storage - Loading System Innovation Equals Optimisation

Submitted by A Munt on Tue, 09/13/2016 - 15:17

The sector of cold storage logistics is unique and challenging – the energy required to maintain temperature controlled units in transport and in refrigerated and frozen storage facilities is just one of them.

It is this challenge that faced Newcold, one of Europe’s leading integrated service providers for cold chain logistics when, in 2015, they commissioned a new 55,000 pallet capacity, fully automated cold storage warehouse in Wakefield in the UK. 

This had two automated unloading docks and the storage area and unloading area had to maintain a temperature of -23°C.  Critical to their operation was to find a solution to the problem of temperature loss when loading and unloading delivery vehicles. 

As UK loading bay specialists, here at Loading Systems, we were able to work with them to provide an innovative solution which allows Newcold to speed up their loading and unloading process while retaining an unbroken cold chain, removing the issue of temperature loss and contamination.

This innovative solution allows the doors of the docking vehicle to be opened from within the facility only after the vehicle has docked, providing fully controlled access to the vehicle. This is achieved through a unique, 4-sided inflatable shelter which provides a secure environmental seal to all 4 sides of the vehicle body.

As well creating an unbroken cold chain, this innovative solution also:

  • minimises temperature loss from the loading dock and the docked vehicle by the provision of the 4-sided vehicle seal
  • reduces contamination problems by removing the need to open the doors before the vehicle has docked
  • limits access to the vehicle only to personnel within the facility
  • speeds up the loading and unloading process through faster docking
  • removes the need for the driver to leave the cab with the associated Health and Safety benefits.

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