Why you can place your trust in our high-speed doors

Submitted by T Bennett on Sat, 10/03/2020 - 15:47

Industrial doors are likely to rank highly on your priority list for the loading bay equipment you need, with high-speed doors being at the top of your list depending on your business needs.

After all, it’s unlikely that your firm will require high-speed doors solely for reasons of keeping the supply chain efficient. 

We supply our own high-speed doors, for settings where there is a need for both temperature control and the rapid opening and closing of doors due to vehicles frequently coming and going. 


We go far beyond simply making your doors fast


As highly knowledgeable and capable specialists in the field of loading and unloading for more than half a century, we realise here at Loading Systems that it isn’t only speed considerations that will inform your choice of the correct loading bay equipment. 

When you source high-speed doors from us, you can be sure of a genuine ‘all-in-one’ solution that caters to such wide-ranging priorities as pleasing aesthetics, impeccable durability, the utmost safety, faultless hygiene and a high level of wind resistance. 

You might not have known about such standard safety features on our high-speed doors, for instance, as the flexible door leaf without horizontal reinforcement profiles and soft edge bottom profile, which ensure safety if anyone accidentally walks or drives against the door leaf. 

The standard flexible soft edge ensures that neither people nor products are damaged in case of contact – although even in the event that a crash does occur, the door itself is also self-repairing. 

Sealing is another aspect of an industrial door that needs to be of the most exacting standard. Thankfully, the superior sealing provided around the entire opening of our high-speed doors means you can even use them as exterior doors, such is the remarkable wind resistance as they offer up to class 4.



We give you a lot of choice for your high-speed doors too


While a 1.3mm-thick door curtain is incorporated into the Loading Systems high-speed door as standard, complete with a vision panel at eye level, there are other curtains in this product range that you can pick from. 

These include a 3.5mm or 7.0mm thick curtain for temperature-controlled rooms, as well as a 30mm thick curtain for (deep) freeze environments. 13 different colours are also on offer for all of the curtains that our high-speed doors are able to incorporate. 

When you also consider the quality steel from which our high-speed doors are manufactured, together with the IP65 certification of the drives that will allow you to rest easy about the risk of water or moisture damage, you might struggle to think of a superior solution for your organisation’s requirements. 


The importance of a comprehensive repair approach for your industrial doors 


But as anyone who has ever overseen the management of a loading bay can appreciate, there’s much more to industrial doors than merely investing in the right ones and having them appropriately installed at a given location. 

Indeed, your premises may have any combination of industrial doors installed, ranging from high-speed doors and overhead doors to fire doors and industrial curtains, in line with the often highly specialised functions that such doors are required to fulfil.

Therefore, when you are seeking a dependable partner to undertake industrial door repairs and maintenance, you will also wish to choose true experts who are well-versed in the wide range of delicate factors that apply in taking the best care of the industrial doors on your site. 


Loading Systems has a professional and well-equipped reactive maintenance team  


Whatever the industrial doors or other loading bay equipment that you are looking to have inspected and repaired in those inevitable ‘emergency’ situations, you will wish the professionals that you trust to possess more than merely unrivalled technical knowledge. 

That’s why our reactive Service Technicians here at Loading Systems are not just factory trained, but also operate from fully stocked vans required to maximise the chance of fixing your troublesome high-speed door or other loading bay equipment at the first attempt. 

Our skilled and seasoned experts in industrial door repairs are also assisted to carry out their work both quickly and safely by the most up-to-date technology. This includes vehicle tracking that enables them to be swiftly located, as well as mobile data transfer for sending information to our technicians before they even arrive on site.


However, we don’t merely respond… we also think ahead 


As important as great reactive maintenance is for your firm’s high-speed doors and other loading bay equipment, any good maintenance partner will also fully embrace the role that preventative maintenance can play in keeping your loading bay in optimal shape. 

Indeed, ‘we take care’ is literally our motto here at Loading Systems, and is affirmed by a maintenance philosophy very much centred on both preventative and reactive interventions. 

Yes, if you encounter unforeseen problems with your loading bay equipment, you will wish to be able to count on the highest standard of reactive 24/7/365 response. However, in the long run, your firm will also greatly benefit from partnering with a maintenance and repair company that believes in thinking ahead and being proactive. 

This will help to minimise the frequency of problems with your high-speed doors and other loading bay equipment over time, in addition to lowering your firm’s ongoing maintenance costs and ensuring the highest standards of health and safety compliance.
Key to our own preventative maintenance services here at Loading Systems, for instance, is our Change Parts In Time (CPIT) process, which involves components with known life expectancies being replaced during service, before they are given the chance to fail.


Ensure the utmost peace of mind by arranging a Service Agreement with us 


Planned preventative maintenance forms just one part of our Service Agreements that also encompass such benefits as prioritised reaction to breakdowns, reduced call-out charges and the immediate availability of spare parts. 

When combined with our similarly highly rated Extended Warranty, a Service Agreement with Loading Systems can also give your firm such perks as inclusive all parts and labour costs, reduced repair costs and the free inspection of equipment over six months old. 


Talk to us now about our high-speed doors and related maintenance


For the most impeccable-quality high-speed and industrial doors and ongoing loading bay maintenance and repairs, why not reach out to our professionals here at Loading Systems today

When you do, we will be able to talk through your firm’s requirements and how the solutions we provide could significantly bolster the productivity, efficiency and reliability of operations at your premises. We will also, of course, be able to provide you with a competitive quote for any of our full range of products and services.