The leading high-speed loading bay doors offer much more than high speed

Submitted by T Bennett on Thu, 09/23/2021 - 11:57

Some of the reasons to invest in new high-speed doors for your organisation’s loading bays will doubtless be clearer to you than others.

For settings where the swift coming and going of vehicles is a routine and expected part of operations, firms in a broad range of sectors are likely to be thankful for well-designed, functional and durable loading bay doors that also open and close quickly.

But when it comes to the design, manufacture and installation of high-speed doors, our team here at Loading Systems does not believe solely in the ‘need for speed’. 

Indeed, our solutions in this category may be best described as ‘all-in-one’ in nature, encompassing intricately tailored specifications in accordance with the customer’s most demanding requirements.

This approach reflects the reality that no given loading bay environment is entirely the same as another, but also that customers should rightly expect impeccable baseline standards. 



How may we design and build your industrial doors in line with your most specific needs? 


Whatever you are searching for in relation to high-speed doors for your organisation’s loading bays, you can be confident of us listening carefully to your requirements, before devising the solutions that meet all your expectations for ease of use, durability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. 

We don’t merely claim to be experts in helping to optimise our customers’ loading and unloading operations at their industrial premises – we have the complete track record with regard to design, manufacture, installation and both preventative and reactive maintenance. 

This means you can be sure of us covering the crucial bases when it comes to loading bay doors. Durability, for example, is assured ‘as standard’ by our high-speed doors’ ability to ‘self-repair’ after a crash over the full clear size height. Speaking of ‘standard’, the safety features incorporated into our high-speed doors are similarly formidable, guarding against the potential worst outcomes of accidentally walking into or driving against the door leaf. 

But then, of course, we can go much further with how we design and construct your firm’s new loading bay doors to ensure they are indispensable components of your logistics operations for many years to come. The door leaf thickness, for instance, can be anything from 1.3mm to 30mm, with customer options including FDA certified canvas to aid in minimising energy loss, and a variety of colours to enhance aesthetics. 


Unsure whether we can satisfy your demands? Talk to us! 


As widely recognised industry leaders in helping customers across major UK and European industries with the improvement and maintenance of their loading bay processes and supply chains, here at Loading Systems, we would be delighted to discuss with you how we could serve your needs. 

Call 0800 160 1965 today to learn more about our knowhow and services connected to the wealth of loading and unloading equipment you may require on your premises, or request your quotation online for your firm’s next set of high-speed loading bay doors.