Introducing the New Stepped Dock Safety Fence

Submitted by T Bennett on Sun, 11/22/2020 - 00:15

We strive to continuously improve our products and as such are proud to introduce our new safety fence, specially designed for a stepped dock configuration.



Stepped Dock Safety Fence Features




The new stepped dock safety fence brings the following improvements to the dock:


  • Shielding the lowered part of the stepped dock

  • Securing the truck doors in open position

  • Easing the operation with an optimal position of the control box for the operator


In a stepped dock configuration the warehouse floor has large recessed spaces on both sides of the dock leveller that are required to dock the truck with the doors closed.


Shielding the lowered part of the stepped dock



The safety fence shields these openings along their entire length, preventing employees from accidentally stepping or falling down.



Stepped Dock Saftey Fence



Another great feature is the truck door holders, these hold and secure the truck doors in open position and prevent them from closing on their own, which might result in damage or even injury. The mounting plate for the control box ensures that the control box is placed in the optimal position for easy and safe operation of the equipment, speeding up the loading and unloading process.



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