Ensuring Loading Bay Safety At All Times

Submitted by T Bennett on Mon, 06/01/2020 - 15:29

Every day around the world, workers are seriously, or worse, fatally injured as a result of avoidable occupational accidents.


Last year, in the EU alone, over 2 million non-fatal accidents resulted in workers being absent for four or more days, while 2,912 of these resulted in death.  That means nearly 60 fatalities per week!

Yet at home and in our cars we do everything we can to keep our loved ones safe; for example we use car seats, safety gates and cupboard locks.  Why is it then that we may not have the same awareness to safety in our workplace?


Loading Bay Safety Systems


We know accidents happen in all industries however, the statistics tell us that they mainly happen in the following sectors: Construction, Retail Trade and Transportation & Storage.  In fact around 2.4 % of all workers in the Transport & Storage industry have sustained a workplace injury. This rate is significantly higher than for workers across the rest of the industries.

We shouldn’t need to be reminded of the very real dangers that can be posed to workers, colleagues and goods if suitable protection systems aren’t in place on site, especially in and around the loading bay. After all, if a vehicle drives off or creeps away from the loading bay during the vehicle loading and unloading process, a major accident could occur that may cause serious injuries.

It is therefore, essential to create awareness amongst warehouse workers and colleagues about how we can create and work in a safe environment. This means educating them; giving them the right tools to do their jobs safely and making sure the loading bay area is equipped with the necessary products and accessories that create a safe working environment.


Loading Systems, is a specialist in this area and can offer you the best advice to create this safe environment to suit your needs.


Our fully automated Vehicle Restraint System (505NG) is a sophisticated and dependable protection system that keeps a parked vehicle locked safely in place so that the vehicle does not drive off or creep away prematurely. 

The 505NG blocks the rear wheel so that unplanned movement of the docked vehicle is prevented. The constant hydraulic restraining force of the restraint system even prevents vehicle creep, caused by momentum incurred during loading and unloading.

The integrated vehicle guide is instrumental in ensuring the central positioning of the vehicle in the loading bay.

The blocking arm is fully retracted when not activated, preventing any damage to truck wheels, tail lifts or mud flaps. After activation, the precision sensor detects the rear wheel, positions the blocking arm in place and restrains the wheel.

Galvanised and designed to have only a minimal number of moving parts, our Vehicle Restraint System is known for its durability, longevity and ease of maintenance. It also has a highly intuitive control system, and can be straightforwardly installed on most surfaces. Installation in both existing and new buildings is no problem, as the restraint system requires minimal building preparation.

The Vehicle Restraint System is also available in a manual version


Loading Systems specialists are available to assess your requirements on site and give you advice on the right products to ensure safety around your loading bays.

Take action now to protect your employees, colleagues and goods – keep them safe!

For further information or a free consultation contact us on 0800 160 1965 or email: wetakecare@loading-systems.co.uk