Bespoke Loading Bay Design Solutions

Submitted by A Munt on Mon, 07/18/2016 - 15:29

Moving into an existing site can often cause issues when planning a loading bay solution. This could be due to the size or layout of the existing site or the inability to carry out extensive groundworks.

Loading Systems have a state of the art design office where we can provide you with a unique design solution for your loading bay. Whether it is retro-fitting an external dock house onto an existing building as we have done for some Aldi stores or designing a unique combination of dock houses as we did for Tesco in Daventry, we can meet your needs. 

At Tesco in Daventry, the spatial restrictions of the yard meant that the double deck bays had to be constructed in pairs. This innovative arrangement created a tandem pod around a single walkway to ensure safe and easy operator access / egress.

Each of the 40 double deck bays incorporate a heavy duty, surface mounted lifting platform, capable of carrying up to 30 roll cages. The lifts are located within external modular pods. These were manufactured and partially preassembled at our Loading Systems site in Huddersfield prior to delivery. The final on-site erection used a 60-tonne crane. This approach equated to a 60% reduction in installation time for this particular element, when compared with previous lift installations.

Loading systems also supplied dock leveller bays and ancillary equipment throughout all bays which included environmentally friendly LED traffic and loading dock lighting, dock house lights, fully integrated control panels and heavy duty "slider" bumpers.

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