Bespoke Lifting Platform Solutions

Submitted by A Munt on Wed, 07/20/2016 - 09:59

Much of our work in the aviation industry is connected to baggage handling equipment.

We recently worked with Aftec, specialists in all aspects of material handling equipment and cargo systems, especially those associated with airports.

We supplied and installed three truck dock lifting platforms at Heathrow to their specifications. These bespoke installations were supplied with additional roller beds on top to enable the loading of airport containers.  150mm of side shift was allowed to enable the operator to line it up perfectly with the existing conveyor system and vehicles.

We also fitted a work station lifting platform with additional roller bed to load containers into a much deeper pit than usual so that operators were able to load this at a sensible level. 

We then did a final installation check to ensure everything had been fitted correctly and was met the necessary standards.

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