An exceptional track record in supplying loading bay solutions for aviation clients

Submitted by A Munt on Thu, 01/10/2019 - 15:48

An exceptional track record in supplying loading bay solutions for aviation clients 

In fact, many of the most recognisable names in aviation routinely approach Easilift Loading Systems with an interest in the level access doors, lifting platforms and related equipment that we have long installed at premises like their own. 

What companies and brands have we worked with? 

Whether your organisation requires lifting platforms that baggage or freight handlers can use in an airport terminal or storage warehouse, or you are interested in level access doors for hangar bays – to name just some of the possibilities – our team here at Easilift Loading Systems can be depended on to be professional, informed and responsive. 

In working with you, we will draw upon considerable experience of overseeing demanding assignments for many of the most respected organisations in aviation. 

One example is Aftec, with which we worked at Heathrow Airport to provide Cathay Pacific with three specialist lifting platforms for cargo handling. The bespoke nature of these platforms was reflected in the incorporation of additional roller beds so that airport containers could be more easily loaded onto them. 

Indeed, the various lesser-spotted features that we included in these lifting platforms enabled the operator to perfectly line the dock up with the conveyor system and vehicles for onward distribution.  

Giving aviation giants the benefit of the most distinguished service 

There can scarcely be a heavier hitter in today’s global aerospace industry than Airbus, with its facilities spread across various European locations. One of its hangars near Toulouse had an Easilift Loading Systems hangar door installed, measuring 103 metres long by 25 metres high and divided into six vertical sections. The hangar’s angled roof and the sheer weight of the door necessitated careful thought and touches from our diligent, skilled and knowledgeable design team. 

Another distinguished client that we have been delighted to serve is Basel Aero, which is part of one of Russia’s largest diversified industrial groups, Basic Element. 

It was for this company that we supplied five special hangar doors for new aircraft hangars that had been specially developed to house all of the aircraft visiting Sochi International Airport for the Winter Olympics and the annual returning Formula One Grand Prix. 

With such other organisations as Airport City Manchester, AIM Aviation, BAE Systems and Stobart Air having also been helped to maximise the efficiency, productivity and safety of their operations by our experts here at Easilift Loading Systems, you can be sure of our exceptional reputability. 

Call our team today, on 0800 160 1965, to discuss the advanced work that we can undertake for your own aviation firm’s site, including the supply of leading-edge lifting platforms, industrial doors and many other relevant solutions.