Cushion shelter: the solution for a uniform fleet

The cushion dock shelter is ideal when the vehicles have virtually the same dimensions in width and height. Besides being a good solution for a uniform fleet, the cushion dock shelter is also often used in situations where trailers are changed frequently or when using mobile containers. When docking, the truck presses against the cushions with the foam core and is stopped by the bumpers, creating an optimal seal.

Advantages of the cushion dock shelter

  • Suitable for uniform fleet
  • Suitable for BREEAM standard
  • Sustainable material
  • Energy-saving
  • Optimal sealing
  • Equipped with access stripes

Cushion dock shelter for indoor climate control!

The cushioned dock shelter offers the most optimal sealing of a dock. This not only protects goods from weather and theft, but the seal also ensures ideal control of the indoor climate, resulting in maximum energy savings.

Features of the cushion dock shelter


cushion shelter for optimum sealing of your building


Optimal sealing 

The cushion dock shelter ensures that the best draught sealing and insulation are achieved. Even sealing the smallest gaps between vehicles and buildings is achieved. To reduce the daylight size, beveled cushions are also available so that even small vehicles can load and unload.


durable dock shelter for your loading bay



Cushion shelters are the best solution when the indoor climate needs to remain manageable due to their superior sealing. Thus, the shelters are ideally suited for cold stores and freezer rooms. This makes cushion shelters extremely cost-effective.


Cushion shelter made of high-quality materials



The cushion dock shelter is made from high-quality materials, resulting in a durable solution. We also offer additional options that guarantee an extra-long lifespan


No damage to the building by the cushion dock shelter


Easy docking

The front of the side cushions is fitted with full-height approach stripes, which serve as landmarks for the driver to facilitate correct entry of the truck into the shelter. The approach stripes can also be finished in yellow.

Options for the cushion dockshelter; increased effectiveness and safety

To increase effectiveness and safety on the loading dock, it is possible to choose additional options for the cushion dock shelter.


  • Protective scales on the side cushions

During loading and unloading, the docked truck may move along the shelter cushions. We, therefore, recommend protective scales on the side cushions in case of heavy traffic. To ensure that the cushion is less likely to be damaged, additional pieces of cloth are attached to the front over the full height of the side cushions.


  • Wheel guides

We recommend using the cushion shelter in combination with wheel guides. This way, trucks always dock in the centre of the shelter. This reduces the risk of damage and the associated costs.


BIM objects: the solution for every challenge

With the cushion dock shelter BIM model, you design the optimal loading bay easily, efficiently, and quickly. Get started right away and discover the best options for any kind of loading bay!

Download BIM-objects

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