Choosing a dock shelter: the right shelter makes a world of difference!

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Dock shelters play a crucial role during the loading and unloading process. They not only reduce your energy consumption but also protect your staff and goods. In addition, the shelters are extremely stable, durable and aesthetic. To get the most out of a dock shelter, it is important that it meets the needs and requirements of your business. Below, we list the main advantages of a dock shelter and give some tips on what to look for when purchasing a dock shelter.

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Dock shelter benefits: what's in it for you?

The dock shelter ensures a hermetic seal between the vehicle and the building in every situation. This has great advantages, including: reducing energy consumption but also reducing the absenteeism rate. A dock shelter is an investment you will quickly recover. We list the most important advantages.

1. Maximum climate control: easily reduce your energy consumption

The superior sealing of the dock shelter allows you to save significantly on your energy costs. You can regulate the indoor temperature better in both summer and winter. The right temperature control also reduces the risk of employees falling ill, which in turn has a positive effect on the sickness absenteeism rate. A dock shelter is therefore efficient and cost-effective.

2. Safer working conditions

The loading bay is a high-accident zone. But with a few adaptations, you can ensure that the risk of an accident is minimised. With a dock shelter, you can make the working environment safer and improve working conditions. Curious about how you can make the working environment even safer? Then take a look at our range of accessories!

3. Sustainability: extended lifespan

Loading Systems' dock shelters are constructed for stability. They meet the highest quality requirements: high resistance to wear and tear, and resistance to UV radiation and extreme temperatures. This is why our dock shelters still look good over time.

4. Keeping your goods clean

A dock shelter ensures that the space above and on the sides of the vehicle is closed. This prevents rain and dirt from entering the building and keeps the workspace tidy as opposed to being slippery and dirty.

5. Reducing loading and unloading times

By choosing the right dock shelter, all vehicles can enter and exit without delay. As a result, loading and unloading times can be reduced to a minimum. This will also allow you to save costs due to a more efficient process.

A seamlessly fitting solution? Make use of a dock shelter!

The type of dock shelter is highly dependent on the variety of vehicles docking, the type of goods being loaded and unloaded, and the type of storage. Wondering which type of dock shelter best suits your business? Below we have made a short list of all dock shelters.

The dock shelter with flaps: robust and durable

Flaps are used to seal the space between the truck and the warehouse opening. This type of construction prevents damage from happening. The flaps also have approach marks, which serve as orientation points for the driver. This allows the driver to dock correctly at all times.

  • Effective and versatile
  • Sustainable material
  • Universal solution: suitable for a wide variety of vehicles

Dock shelter  with flaps Loading Systems

The inflatable dock shelter: efficiency and weather resistance

Inflatable dock shelter Loading Systems

The inflatable dock shelter provides superior sealing between the building and the vehicle. The cushions of the shelter are only inflated when the truck is docked. This way, the driver has a good view during the docking process and the shelter is not exposed to the contact forces of the truck. This makes the dock shelter last longer.

  • Energy-efficient
  • Sustainable material
  • Aesthetic finish
  • Meets the BREEAM standard

The inflatable dock shelter is ideal for industries such as cold storage, food industry and pharmaceuticals. Due to the optimal sealing, you create a sterile environment that keeps out insects and small dust particles. In addition, the seal allows the temperature to be regulated properly.

Cushion seal shelter: versatile and optimal sealing

We recommend using the cushion seal shelter with wheel guides. In this way, trucks always dock in the centre of the shelter and the risk of damage is considerably reduced. To reduce the size of the opening, bevelled cushions are also available so that small vehicles can also load and unload.

  • Meets the BREEAM standard
  • Universal solution
  • Sustainable material

cushion seal shelter Loading Systems

The cushion seal shelter is particularly suitable for cold stores and freezer rooms due to its ability to seal off completely. This makes the cushion seal extremely cost-effective.

Cushion seal for vans: fast and efficient

Cushion seal for vans Loading Systems

The Van-Dock Shelter is specially designed for vans. The dock shelter makes it possible for vans to dock with the doors open. The bevelled cushions allow vehicles to dock perfectly and create a seamless seal against the weather. The dock shelter is also equipped with a recess in the top cushion for vans with a rear-view camera for accurate docking.

  • Efficient solution for vans
  • Easy docking: less risk of damage and accidents

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