Our aesthetically attractive dock shelter is extremely durable. Instead of a hinged frame, this dock shelter is built with a frame made of cushions with a special foam core and an automatically lifting roof section. This protects your building against any damages caused by a vehicle colliding with your loading bay.

  • Extremely durable
  • Prevents damage
  • Automated lifting roof 
  • Flexible side sections
  • Improves warehouse appearance


Extremely durable

The side and roof sections of this dock shelter are filled with a special and extremely durable foam core. When a vehicle docks off centre the foam core is compressed to prevent damage.


Flexible side sections

The side sections provide optimum flexibility, allowing sideward and backward compression to prevent damage from off centred vehicles. 


Automated lifting roof

The roof section is provided with an automated lifting roof, which allows it to lift or move backwards when used by high vehicles.