The combi-dock leveller can be used as a "standard" dock leveller with telescopic lip for articulated vehicles but when it is being used for loading or unloading vans, only the centre section of the lip or board slides out. The combi-dock leveller has built in load capacity sensors which prevent overloading delivery vans.

  • For trucks and vans
  • User-friendly
  • Durable, long lifespan
  • Optimum safety
  • Energy efficient


Facilitates both trucks and delivery vans

With the segmented telescopic lip, you are able to facilitate both trucks ànd delivery vans. The load capacity of the dock leveller can be set to 60kN to 20kN.



Optimum safety

The dock leveller and its control unit are filled with safety features. The dock leveller is CE marked and in accordance with all safety aspects of the European standard EN 1398.



The advanced six-way control has a raise, lip-in- and lip-out button to position the lip in an ultimately accurate matter. With the intuitive 60kN/20kN button you can select to (un)load a delivery van or truck.