Stepped dock

Stepped dock: increased efficiency and safety

The stepped dock offers increased efficiency and safety during the loading and unloading process. The design is specially developed so that a truck can dock with the doors closed.

The truck must first dock in the correct position, after which the dock shelter seals the loading bay before the overhead door is opened. The final step here is to open the rear doors of the truck. This is possible thanks to the cut-outs on both sides of the dock leveller.

Advantages of our stepped dock

Docking with closed doors offers the following advantages:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased safety
  • Energy-saving
  • Theft prevention
  • Suitable for situations with a slope
  • Docking with closed doors

Easy integration into any building with our stepped dock

The stepped dock is a telescopic flap dock leveller with a self-supporting frame for easy integration into any building. It is the perfect solution for hygienic transport and food logistics requiring an uninterrupted cold chain and even for locations with an increased risk of theft.

Features of the stepped dock


Stepped dock for docking with closed doors

Easy operation

The stepped dock control box contains an additional button that, when pressed, causes the valve to extend from its resting position and then lower to its lowest position. This allows the user to safely open the truck doors because the gap is covered. In addition, the control box is very efficient in use as the overhead door, dock leveller and dock shelter can be operated through one control.


Optimal temperature with stepdock

Temperature maintenance

Because the truck can dock with the doors closed, heat loss can be reduced. This makes it easier to regulate the inside temperature. This not only saves energy, but also ensures better hygiene and working conditions.



High or low rest position

If a dock leveller with stepped dock functionality is to be implemented, a high or low rest position must be chosen. The advantage of a dock leveller with a high rest position is that it can be included in the shop floor and can be driven over when the leveller is switched off. In addition, the high rest position increases safety as there is no tripping hazard.


Versions of stepped dock

The Loading Systems stepped dock is available in various configurations.

ISO stepped dock

… for situations requiring extra insulation

For situations where temperature maintenance is crucial, an ISO stepped dock solution can be chosen. This leaves extra space in the pit to allow the overhead door to close in front of the dock leveller, instead of on top of it.

This extra space between the leveller and door is the safety zone. This does create a hazardous area as there is a gap between the leveller and truck. Therefore, the ISO stepdock is equipped with an extra safety option as standard to bridge the safety zone.

In combination with the inflatable dock shelter, especially as part of the integrated sequence control with the control box, this system is perfect for reducing energy costs and increasing loading efficiency.

Accessories for the stepped dock

Accessories have been developed for a stepped dock which can be ordered separately.


  • Stepped dock bumpers

Bumpers that can be pushed down with the foot after docking so that the truck doors can be opened. After driving away from the lorry, the bumpers slide back up by pressing a pin with the foot. Recommended for a stepped ISO dock and a stepped dock house.


  • Stepped dock fencing

A set of guardrails placed on either side of the stepped ISO dock to protect the steps and prevent accidents while securing the truck doors. The fences contain door holders that secure the truck doors, preventing them from closing or getting stuck on the concrete next to the steps.


BIM objects: the solution for every challenge

With the stepped dock leveller BIM model, you design the optimal loading bay easily, efficiently, and quickly. Get started right away and discover the best options for any kind of loading bay!

Download BIM-objects

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