This dock leveller has a modular concept and thanks to its intuitive control it can be positioned in an accurate manner. This solution for your loading bay is best suited where bigger reach and range are required.

  • Durable, long lifespan
  • Low maintenance
  • Optimum safety
  • User-friendly
  • Energy efficient


Durable, long lifespan and low maintenance

The closed hydraulic system, low operating pressure and self-supporting characteristics result in a long lifespan with a minimum maintenance requirement.


Optimum safety

The telescopic lip dock leveller has multiple safety features. The dock leveller is CE marked and in accordance with all safety aspects of the European standard en 1398.




The dock levellers can be supplied in many dimensions, load capacities and working ranges. A full range of options and operating methods are available to fully adjust the dock leveller to suit your requirements.



Which other applications are available?

The telescopic lip dock leveller can be built-in into our iso-dock or stepped dock layout. These solutions are specifically developed for cold storage with refrigerator vehicles or fresh food processing environments where extra insulation is required or food contamination is a concern.