In Marche-en-Famenne Lidl established its fifth distribution centre in Belgium. On the parcel of 137.000 square metres Lidl has built a 44.000 square metres distribution centre and 2.400 square metres of offices. A part of the remaining 50.000 square metres will be used as loading yard.


The high tech facility will be used to supply 60 stores in the surrounding provinces (Liege, Luxembourg & Namur) and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg of goods. To do this we supplied Lidl with 124 complete loading docks. These docks are equipped with curtain dock shelters, telescopic lip dock levellers, sectional overhead doors with full vision panels and dock number plates.


A part of the facility is cooled and functions as cold storage. The docks in this part of the facility are stepped docks equipped with Loading Systems cushion dock shelters.