Sustainability is something we do together!

Loading Systems & Sustainability

Ever smarter loading and unloading. More efficient. More environmentally friendly. More future proof. That is what we at Loading Systems strive for every day.

Through product innovation, optimal maintenance and modernisation, we make the loading process more energy efficient and extend the lifetime of the equipment.

In doing so, Loading Systems opts for sustainable processes and materials:

  • Avoidance of environmentally hazardous substances and less VOC emission
  • Reducing waste to a minimum during the design phase
  • 50% less logistical movements due to changes in product design
  • Our products are future-proof designed and manufactured to withstand daily wear and tear
  • Our CPIT (Change Parts in Time) programme extends the life of your equipment

We are proud of our innovations. But we are never finished. We continue to strive for progress.

We think green. Will you join us?

Loading Systems takes sustainability seriously. With green solutions which prove the worth now and in the future, we build efficiently and energy savingly. Together with our partners. Because only together we can make the difference!

Read more about sustainability in our white paper.

Download the white paper

Loading Systems Sustainability whitepaper

Innovative and sustainable developments

Loading Systems has been the expert in innovative loading and unloading solutions for more than 55 years. We are always looking for new ways to improve efficiency, save energy and meet high safety standards. With our products and activities, we like to contribute to a sustainable environment and a climate-friendly future.

High-speed overhead door; up to five times faster than average!

The rapid overhead door is a unique innovation that combines speed with ease of use. For example, the door combines all the advantages of a traditional overhead door and a high-speed door in just one system. For example, the High-speed sectional overhead door is up to 5 times faster than an average overhead door.

By reducing the time the door is open significant energy savings are possible. An investment that will quickly pay for itself!

Would you like to know more? Read on!

The difference is quickly made with the inflatable dock shelter!

Dock shelters provide an optimal seal between vehicle and building, but with an inflatable dock shelter you can close even the smallest gaps! Inflatable dock shelters are durable, efficient and aesthetic.

Curious about how you can save energy with an inflatable dock shelter. Click here!

Opblaasbare dock shelter

Ready to make a world of difference?

Together with Loading Systems you can make your premises more energy efficient and your process more sustainable. That makes a world of difference, for the environment and for your business!

  • Your energy consumption will drop dramatically
  • You invest in your building for the long term
  • The working environment will be cleaner and healthier for your employees
  • Expert maintenance keeps your material in top condition and extends its lifetime

Together we realise a sustainable future for your organisation!

Are you curious about the optimal future-proof solution for your company? Our experts are happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation!


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