Sustainable building with BIM: All you need to know

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Sustainable building is a broad concept. Sustainable building takes into account the effects on the environment. This already happens in the design phase up to the construction, rebuilding, renovation and/or demolition. But sustainability is more than that. It also takes into account the use of the building. What possibilities does BIM offer to support this process?

BIM - Loading Systems

Design better buildings...

Sustainability is booming and plays a prominent role in the construction sector. Optimal cooperation and expertise is necessary to get a sustainable project off the ground. Nowadays, sustainability can be taken into account as early as the design stage. This is where BIM comes in handy! A BIM model is used as a central database for all those involved in the design and construction process. This makes it easy to check the dimensions of all trades. In addition, it prevents the models of the architect, structural engineer, etc. from colliding with each other.

But how do you combine BIM with sustainability? By taking energy consumption into account during the design and construction of the building, a sustainable building immediately achieves optimum savings, which benefits the environment and significantly reduces costs. Consider the following when building sustainably:

  • Design the building in such a way that it is easy to adapt it to new wishes and/or requirements at a later stage
  • Do not opt for demolition too soon, but first look at the possibilities for modernising the building or new installations
  • Take into account in the design solutions that provide energy savings in the long term

Benefits of BIM

  • More efficient design
  • Clear communication
  • Reduce failure costs
  • Increasing planning feasibility

Sustainable building without loss of aesthetics

Sustainability is the balance between economic, ecological and social interests. Not only for now but also for later. Sustainable architecture offers a solution for the future because construction is carried out in such a way that the burden on the earth is minimised. Think of sustainable materials or energy-conscious solutions. But choosing one thing doesn't have to mean saying goodbye to something else. For example, green ambitions can be well combined with minimalist aesthetics.

Designing with Loading Systems

Loading Systems makes designing the optimal loading bay easy. We offer a wide range of BIM models which not only contribute to sustainability but are also very aesthetically pleasing.

For example, take a look at our inflatable dock shelter. Not only is the shelter provided with an effective seal that protects the interior temperature from external influences, but it is also provided with an aesthetic design. For example, the cushions retract behind the protective strips when the shelter is not in use. Another plus is that the driver has a good view during the docking process.

Our overhead doors also offer many possibilities in terms of aesthetics. No colour is too much at Loading Systems! The doors can be supplied in almost any colour, even if your colour is not a RAL colour. We only require a colour sample to determine the exact colour. Would you like to have a lot of light in your building? No problem! Our aesthetic full-vision overhead doors allow for a great deal of visibility and light to enter the building.

When it comes to new and stricter requirements in the building industry, BIM will make a huge difference. Get started yourself and discover the best possibilities for each loading bay.