New in the market! High-speed sectional overhead door for unbeatable energy savings

More and more attention is being paid to saving energy. Thus, energy saving measures are becoming an increasingly important part of our society. That is why we have developed the new 620NG high-speed… CONTINUE READING
24/08/2022 By: administrator

Dock shelters in the spotlights

At the loading bay the following applies: safety comes before use. Dock shelters, like your car for example, need regular maintenance. And it is often the case that the cost of checking and… CONTINUE READING
11/07/2022 By: administrator

Van-Dock shelter: the shelter for delivery vehicles

In recent years, the number of online sales has increased enormously. The ever-growing rise of e-commerce is causing many changes in the logistics landscape. This creates an increasing need for small… CONTINUE READING
04/07/2022 By: administrator

Tips for a safe loading and unloading environment

On every company premises, there is a constant flow of goods and people.  To increase safety, prevent damage and work more efficiently, it is important to take the necessary measures. Read our tips… CONTINUE READING
09/06/2022 By: E Looman

Van-Dock leveller: the unique all-in-one solution

The strong growth in online sales leads to more demand for delivery vans to deliver parcels in the city centres. These vans usually transport smaller packages to consumers. However, there is a wide… CONTINUE READING
01/06/2022 By: administrator