The advantages of a high speed door in the food industry

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High speed doors for the food processing industry

In a food processing environment, temperature control and hygiene are very important. In addition, you naturally want the logistics process to run as smoothly as possible. Using a high-speed door creates an optimum balance between logistical movements, draught exclusion, and temperature separation, resulting in good working conditions and considerable energy savings. The high speed door food has been specially developed for environments with high hygiene requirements, high humidity, and daily cleaning.

Speed doors; An ideal solution for the food sector

A high speed door offers the ideal solution for food processing and cold-storage environments, where hygiene and production efficiency are of great importance. Our rapid roll doors are specially designed to meet strict hygiene requirements. Listed below are the advantages:

  • Superior seals make the door much more hygienic
  • The high speed door opens and closes quickly, minimising temperature fluctuations
  • Pollution is minimised as the door keeps out dust, dirt, insects and draughts

Food safety ensured by superior sealing

The superior seal eliminates the need for horizontal reinforcement profiles, making the door not only much quieter to open and close, but also much more hygienic, as any dirt accumulation on the door leaf is easy to clean. This makes the door extremely suitable for use in the food and beverage industry. The high-speed door can be manufactured in high-quality stainless steel.

Minimising heat and energy losses through fast opening and closing

As in other industries, the loss of heat, or cold, is not desirable in the food industry. Especially if you look at this from a hygiene point of view, you want to keep this to a minimum.

The fast opening and closing of our high-speed door minimises heat and energy losses. The maximum opening speed is 2.0 m/s and the closing speed is set at max 0.8 m/s. Energy loss can be further improved as the high-speed door food can optionally be fitted with an insulated door leaf.

Guarantee a safe working environment with a high speed door

Due to the absence of horizontal reinforcement profiles, the high-speed roll door food features a fully self-repairing door leaf after a crash as standard. Over the entire daylight height and not just up to the reinforcement profiles, as is the case with many high-speed roll-up doors.

Optionally, extra vision panels can be chosen for better visibility on the weather sides of the door. There is even a 'Full-vision' version available for maximum visibility and therefore safety on the shop floor. A reinforced bottom profile is also an option, for guaranteed closure under higher wind loads.

In accordance with European regulations, the door is fitted as standard with an emergency crank to allow the door to be opened manually in the event of a power failure. The FOOD High-speed door has CE marking, a guarantee of quality and safety. The door complies with all relevant European standards for industrial doors. In addition, the door complies with international HACCP legislation.

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