High speed doors for cold stores and freezers

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For cold stores and freezers, high requirements are placed on the hermetic sealing of the room(s). Factors such as stable temperatures, minimum energy consumption, and prevention of ice formation due to moisture penetration are of great importance. A high speed door offers the perfect solution here!

High speed doors – a cost-saving solution for cold stores

High speed doors are indispensable in every cold store or freezer room. Still, often only cold store doors are used, but these are a lot less suitable for intensive and especially high speed use. As a result, you not only lose valuable time, but also a lot of energy. Our high speed roll-up doors are specially designed for use in cold stores and freezers. So the doors are not only super fast, and durable but also safe.

Suitable for temperatures above and below freezing

Also in situations - where there are multiple temperature zones in the building, our high speed doors offer the ideal solution. Thus, high-temperature fluctuations are limited by the high opening and closing speed, but also by the superior sealing. For instance, the high speed doors for cold stores and freezers are equipped with an extra-thick door leaf with extra insulation material in between. Various options can also be added, such as energy-efficient electric heating cables in the side guides or a thermal break behind the side guides to reduce ice formation. These options allow the high speed roll-up door to perform optimally.

Save energy with high opening and closing speeds

For cold stores and freezers, we have specially developed the Freeze 1 & 2. These high speed doors meet all requirements for cold stores and freezers. Due to the fast opening and closing speed of the high speed roll-up door, heat and energy losses can be minimised. In addition, additional options can be chosen to further improve energy loss. For example, an extra thick insulated door leaf can be chosen.

High speed doors for coldstores

Durable speed doors - self-repairing after collision

Loading Systems speed doors are provided as standard with an anti-crash system that operates over the entire door height. In the event of a collision, the door leaf is released from the side guides and, after being opened, automatically returns to the side guide without any manual intervention. This prevents damage to the door leaf and/or door construction. This results not only in a smooth logistics process, but also in fewer service visits and lower costs.

Loading Systems - the logistics partner for cold stores and freezer systems

Loading Systems is the logistics partner for cold stores and freezer systems. We have built up extensive know-how regarding the deployment of logistics solutions in cold stores and freezer systems. Curious about solutions for cold stores? Then read on here!

Customised solution for your cold store or freezer compartment

Every company has its own needs and challenges. That is why our speed doors can be put together entirely according to your wishes. This way, you are always assured of a high speed door that fits your logistical processes precisely. Want to know more about our high speed roll-up doors? Then click here. We also provide customised maintenance, modernisation, and repair. So you are always assured of the perfect total solution for your company.

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