Van-Dock leveller: the unique all-in-one solution

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The strong growth in online sales leads to more demand for delivery vans to deliver parcels in the city centres. These vans usually transport smaller packages to consumers. However, there is a wide variety of vehicles, so a flexible solution is needed. Loading Systems is happy to help our customers with this. For example, we developed a unique all-in-one concept for the largest Dutch supermarket chain, tailored precisely to the wishes of the customer. This solution is also ideally suited for all other companies in the e-commerce sector. By putting the customer first, thinking outside the box, and responding quickly, we make the difference for you. We take care.

New in the range: the Van-Dock Leveller

Leveller for vans from Loading Systems

In the e-commerce sector, the parcel or the groceries must be delivered to the customer as soon as possible. This can lead to unsafe situations. The loading and unloading of the delivery van is often still done manually by using heavy loading plates that are placed on the loading floor by hand. By using the Van-Dock leveller, the gap between the vehicle and the loading bay is bridged for safe goods handling. This unique dock leveller makes it possible to load and unload not only safely but also extremely efficiently.

Benefits of the leveller for vans

The dock leveller is specially designed for parcel services and delivery vans. The leveller is ideal for compensating the difference in height between the loading bay and the various delivery vans. The design is made with an eye for:

  • Easy to use
  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Quality

Easy operation for ultimate ease of use

Van-Dock leveller operation

To increase safety and ensure easy operation, the leveller is equipped with stepless 4-button control. The hydraulic unit can activate both the platform and the slide independently of each other. Other advantages of the leveller are:

  • Easy to install: supplied as a ready-to-use product
  • Can be placed in front of any loading dock
  • Does not need to be welded to the dock
  • Adjustable height

Safety first

By using the Van-Dock leveller, it is no longer necessary to place a plate between the van and the loading bay by hand. Due to the safe distance between the leveller and the van, maximum safety can be guaranteed. The leveller is operated by a few buttons, making the loading and unloading process simple, safe and very efficient.

Increase in efficiency: docking with closed doors

The Van-Dock leveller has a stepped dock design that makes it possible for vans to dock with their doors closed. Once docked, the doors can be opened due to the lowering in the platform and the low rest position of the dock leveller. This makes it possible to carry out the loading and unloading process as efficiently as possible.

High quality: CE marked

The Van-Dock leveller is made of high-quality materials. For example, the leveller is equipped with sealing profiles on all three sides for a draught-free connection to the platform. In addition, the upper deck of the leveller is provided with a Mandurax anti-slip coating and the lower deck with a PU insulation. The leveller is CE-marked, which means that it complies with all safety aspects of the European Directive EN 1398.

Would you prefer a complete solution especially for vans? Loading Systems introduces the Van-Dock Shelter

The Van-Dock shelter has been specially developed for the parcel industry, where vans are often used. The different shape of the rear of vans requires individual solutions. The Van-Dock shelter is specifically designed for vans to be docked with the doors open, ensuring a good seal between premises and van. By using this unique shelter you create a very efficient and safe loading environment. Would you like to find out more? Read on here.

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