Van-Dock shelter: the shelter for delivery vehicles

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In recent years, the number of online sales has increased enormously. The ever-growing rise of e-commerce is causing many changes in the logistics landscape. This creates an increasing need for small-scale distribution centres on the outskirts of the city. In this way, the physical distance from a shipment to the end customer is reduced. In addition, there is a shift from large pallet shipments to smaller packages. This creates a greater variety of vehicles which have to dock at the loading docks.

New in our product range: the Van-Dock Shelter

Due to the increasing use of smaller trucks and vans, we have specially designed a cushion shelter to make loading and unloading easier for these vehicles. The shelter has a unique design to seal the space between the building and vans. For example, the sides of the vans normally slope upwards. To ensure a seamless seal, the van shelter cushions are beveled from top to bottom. This makes it possible for drivers to reverse safely with the doors open

Benefits of the cushion shelter

Van-Dock Shelter for delivery vans
Van-Dock shelter dimensions

The dock shelter has been specially developed for parcel services and delivery vans where efficiency and speed are of great importance. But the design also takes into account essential factors such as safety and health. Due to the busy nature of the loading and unloading dock, companies need to take care in order to guarantee the safety of their personnel. The smooth transition from the building to the vehicle creates a safe environment for loading and unloading. The advantages of the shelter parcel service at a glance:

  • Uninterrupted power supply during loading and unloading
  • Efficient and durable sealing for the loading dock
  • Reduces the risk of damage
  • Full access to the inside of the van
  • Increases safety at the loading doc

Make the loading and unloading process easier

The Van-Dock shelter has been specially developed for parcel distribution centres. The use of vans and parcel services has increased at an enormous rate in recent years, and so has the demand from our customers for a suitable solution for safe loading. In this way, the van can also be easily loaded by hand if no dock leveller is present, whereby - the bottom cushion provides a secure seal.

Do you have a variety of vehicles? With a few minor adjustments we can make the shelter suitable for any van. Would you like to know more about the possibilities?

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Weather protection: energy efficient and sustainable

Proper sealing of the loading dock contributes to the energy efficiency of your building. By using the Van-Dock shelter, a perfect seal is created around the van. This protects your facility against dust, drafts and insects, which means you can save a lot of costs on an annual basis.

Reduce the risk of damage

This special cushion shelter has slot for installing a camera. This allows vans with a rear view camera to dock easily and safely. In addition, the shelter has thick side cushions to prevent the vehicle's hinges from damaging the cushions.

Loading Systems dock shelter for delivery vans