High-speed sectional doors bring two major benefits in one solution

Submitted by administrator on Mon, 07/08/2024 - 13:42

Here at Loading Systems, we are more than accustomed to designing, manufacturing, and installing loading bay doors of an exceedingly wide range of specifications, for a similarly broad range of customers.

Indeed, the close work that we do with such customers on the finest details of our loading bay doors, helps ensure there is little or no need for them to compromise on the characteristics and features they truly want from their doors.

This brings us neatly onto the subject of our high-speed sectional doors. If these sound like products that tick quite a few of the major boxes one might wish to tick for industrial doors, you would be absolutely right to think that.


High Speed Sectional Overhead Doors


So, what are high-speed sectional doors?


Many of our readers might be familiar with our expertise and track record in overhead doors, which can be designed to represent an optimal fit for almost any and all settings.

Similarly, we are also known for our high-speed doors, which lend themselves excellently to environments where the door will need to open and close rapidly due to the frequent arrival and departure of vehicles, but where temperature control is also a major priority.

Our high-speed sectional doors, then, are an industry-leading combination of the two aforementioned solutions – a type of industrial door that offers up to five times greater speed than the alternatives, but also all the benefits of a traditional overhead door.


Whatever your industry, our high-speed sectional doors could be an attractive investment


In common with many other loading bay doors we have made available down the years, the high-speed sectional doors that you can order from Loading Systems are applicable and relevant across almost all sectors – from logistics and the food industry to pharmaceutics.

Nor should that be a great surprise, given the remarkable functionality, efficiency, and – of course – speed these doors offer once installed. We’re referring not only to a 1.4-metre-per-second opening speed – which is as much as five times faster than a standard overhead door – but also to an impressive air permeability of 6 m3/m2h, which ensures reduced air circulation between outdoor and indoor settings.

Sustainability, of course, is another pressing priority for today’s organisations across all manner of industries, including when they are seeking out the right solutions to optimise their loading bays. It should therefore also be heartening for you to learn that our high-speed sectional doors achieve four times lower energy loss compared to classic sectional doors, thanks to their U-value of 1.18W/m2K.

High-speed sectional doors from Loading Systems, then, are a complete and revolutionary option – suitable for use indoors as well as externally – that could help bring your premises’ operations firmly into the 2020s. They offer speed, ease of use, energy savings, formidable insulation capabilities, considerable customisation potential, and more.