Which type of dock bumper is most (cost) efficient for my business?

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It often takes only one mistake to make someone realise that they should have had dock bumpers installed. Because dock bumpers protect the building, vehicle and other investments against such incidents. But how do you choose the right dock bumper? Read here the tips and tricks for choosing the right bumper.

What is a dock bumper?

A loading bay is often one of the busiest areas of a distribution centre. It is therefore not surprising that accidents happen more often here. After all, a mistake during loading and unloading can be made in an instant. A single mistake can quickly result in damage to the dock or injury to employees. Who doesn't want to prevent that?

Dock bumpers absorb the impact of the vehicle when docking during loading and unloading. Regardless of your application, you can benefit greatly from using a dock bumper to protect your loading bay.

Choosing the right dock bumper for your loading bay

Do you know what type of dock bumper your company needs? It is important that you choose the right type, as buffers are essential in increasing loading bay safety. Unfortunately, there is no "one size fits all" for dock bumpers. This is partly because the characteristics of loading bays can vary greatly. As a result, one bumper may fit your needs better than another. Below we list some considerations you should take into account when looking for new dock bumper:

Dock bumpers loading bay

1. How much traffic is there on your loading dock??

Dock bumpers are designed to protect against heavy traffic. However, some bumpers are better suited for this type of situation. For example, the ES (Extra Strong) bumpers and SAB (Shock Absorbing Bumpers) are specially designed for a high loading frequency. This makes these bumpers a better investment for loading bays with high freight traffic.

2. What are the freight requirements at your loading bay?

Do you often (un)load fragile goods? Then you'll want to equip your loading bay with dock bumpers that provide the greatest possible shock absorption. This way there is the least chance of the cargo breaking.

3. Does your loading bay have unique characteristics?

If your loading bay has unique features, such as a steep slope, these should be taken into account when choosing the right bumper. Standard dock bumpers will often be too short in these situations. The adjustable extra strong dock bumper is a good choice in this case, as they are suitable for frequent use. For the type of dock bumpers, always look at the height of the loading bay and the mounting conditions.

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Five common types of dock bumpers

There is not a standard type of dock bumper. Although the bumper creates a barrier between the truck and the building, many factors influence the choice of the type of bumper. Just like loading bays vary in size, there are also different dock bumpers that are suitable for different situations. Below you can find an overview of the most common types of dock bumpers offered by Loading Systems:

Rubber bumpers; good protection for building and vehicle

Rubber bumpers are one of the most commonly used types of dock bumpers and are manufactured from impact absorbing rubber to protect the building and vehicle. The bumpers come standard with countersunk mounting holes and are often used in situations with a low loading frequency. In order to use the bumper also in situations with intensive freight traffic, protective plates are also applicable.

Rubber dock bumpers

Nylon bumpers; good for your wallet and the environment!

Nylon bumpers are made of high quality nylon, which makes them the indestructible alternative to traditional bumpers. Not only can the bumpers be used up to 4 times longer, but they are also recyclable. The console is made of robust steel into which the moulded nylon dock bumper can move up and down.

Nylon dock bumpers from Loading Systems

Adjustable rubber dock bumper; for additional loading bay protection

The height-adjustable dock bumper is made of a sturdy steel frame and a standard rubber bumper block. The protection plate makes the adjustable dock bumper also suitable for intensive freight traffic. The bumper follows the upward and downward movement of the trailer and thereby prevents damage to the loading bay and vehicle.

Vertical moving dock bumper

Extra strong dock bumper; the indestructible alternative

The extra strong dock bumpers are durable armoured bumpers, which are very suitable for demanding applications. The brackets and the armour plate are galvanised as standard, making the bumpers highly wear-resistant.

Extra strong dock bumpers

Adjustable extra strong bumper; the bumper for frequent use!

The mobile dock bumper is an adjustable and durable armoured bumper. The vertically moving bumper has been specially developed for extra protection of the loading bay. The bumpers are extremely suitable for dock levellers with a folding or extendable lip. In addition, the bumper is delivered pre-assembled and is standard available in a galvanised version.

Adjustable extra strong bumper

Are you looking for a solution for a unique situation? Then read on to our product page! This page gives a good overview of our wide range of dock bumpers.