High-speed doors: the solution for every industry

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High-speed doors are an important link in your logistics activities and processes. The doors are very popular and are the ideal solution for demanding environments. Think of cold storage, aviation and logistics. In these types of environments, doors are often used intensively and speed, durability, safety and cost savings play a major role when choosing the right industrial door.

Advantages of our high-speed doors

The use of a high-speed door creates an optimum balance between logistical movements, draught exclusion and temperature separation, which results in good working conditions and considerable energy savings.

  • Rapid opening and closing times
  • Can be used in- and outside
  • Saving of energy and related costs
  • Create a safe working environment
  • Can be fully personalised because the PVC cloth can be printed in full colour

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A high-speed door for every sector: versatile and cost-effective

Loading Systems high-speed doors offer a solution for every imaginable situation within your company. Whether you are working in the retail or food industry. The speed doors are specifically designed for intensive use and can be used in a wide variety of ways. In addition, the doors comply with all European safety requirements.

High-speed doors for the food industry: optimum hygiene

Hygiene, production efficiency, climate control and processing speed are important factors within the food industry. Our high-speed doors are the ideal internal doors because they have been specially developed to work hygienically. The door, for example, has a superior seal that makes horizontal reinforcement profiles superfluous. This makes the door immediately more hygienic and opens and closes much more quietly.

  • Easy to clean
  • Available in a stainless steel construction
  • Improve energy loss by an insulated door leaf

Foodsector High Speed Door

Cold storage: cost-effective solution for cold stores

For cold storage and freezer rooms we have specially designed high-speed doors; the Freeze 1 and 2. These high-speed doors are designed to reduce condensation and/or ice formation on the door leaf.

  • For temperatures of -35 to +35°C
  • Reduction of ice formation by energy-efficient electric heating cables
  • Flexible PVC door leaf without hard elements
  • Recovering after a crash

Efficient loading and unloading in the logistics sector?

A logistics centre is always in motion. Trucks load and unload goods and work is carried out in the warehouses. It is therefore important in these kinds of environments that all work is carried out safely, quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the use of Loading Systems high-speed doors, a smooth flow of goods can be guaranteed. In addition, efficient loading and unloading of goods is made possible.

  • Fast opening and closing door for intensive traffic

Retail: increase your customers' comfort

High-speed doors are the ideal supermarket door! They are often used to separate the warehouse from the shop area. This keeps draughts out and increases customer comfort. Due to the fast door cycle and the superior sealing, the high-speed roll door enables better climate control. In addition, deliveries and stock can be moved seamlessly to the shop floor through the high-speed door. The door also has an integrated emergency exit that gives your staff and customers an easy escape route in case of emergency.

  • Print the door leaf with your logo, promotions or products
  • Save space with the vertically opened rapid roll door
  • Safe for the staff

High speed door for logistics

Cleanroom: minimum air movements and maximum hygiene

Clean room environments often have strict requirements on air permeability. For this reason, we have developed a high-speed door for this sector, which contributes to stable pressure levels. In addition, the door limits leakage losses. The doors are usually used in a so-called sluice gate. These are two doors behind each other. In this way, the doors cannot be opened at the same time, which keeps the pressure in your cleanroom optimal.

  • Limited loss of conditioned air
  • Maintains stable pressure levels
  • Tested and certified at clean room level 5
  • FDA approved
  • Anti static PVC cloths
  • Entirely closed drive
  • Patented magnetic closure

The perfect total solution for every sector

Every company has its own needs and challenges. At Loading Systems we have years of expertise in a variety of sectors. We offer personal advice for every sector. We also have an extensive product range (e.g. dock shelters, dock levellers, loading bay accessories, etc.) which means we have the right access solution for every sector. In addition, our service does not stop with the delivery or assembly of your product(s). We also provide customised maintenance, modernisation and repair services. You are thus assured of the perfect total solution at all times.

Do you want to know more about all the possibilities? Then read on here. Do you prefer personal advice from one of our experts?

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