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For every company, every accident is one too many. By using our wide range of accessories, it is possible to increase safety both inside and outside the building. Besides making the loading bay safe, these accessories also increase its user friendliness and durability.


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Corner seals

Corner seals can be used to improve the seal on the underside of the flaps dock shelter.

Hurricane Fan Light

The Hurricane Fan Light increases safety at the loading bay during loading and unloading. The truck trailers are well lit and ventilated along their length.

Dock number plates

Number plates make the loading bay easily recognisable. This allows you to facilitate a more efficient loading and unloading process.

Wheel guides

The wheel guides ensure that vehicles approach the loading bay straight and level.



Dock stairs

A boarding ladder increases safety at the loading bay by bridging the difference in height between the floor and the loading bay.

Tail lift seal

A tail lift seal is specially made and protects the tailgate opening from contamination.

Safety Bollards

The function of the bollards is to protect doors, loading bays, machines, walls, etc. The sheet piles are made to withstand extreme forces.

Safety barriers

Safety barriers can be placed on and around the loading area to protect people and material. The fencing indicates dangerous situations.



Safety mirror

The safety mirror can be installed inside and outside to increase visibility. By placing the safety mirror at dangerous crossroads, drivers can more easily see the blind spots.

Road marking

The road marking is placed on the ground of the loading bay and can be used to mark the route to the loading bay. Useful when there is a lot of traffic. In addition, the road marking is specially designed to bear the weight of a vehicle.

Traffic lights

To increase safety at the loading bay, traffic lights can be installed which can contribute to optimal signalling through the bright LED lights. This way, the truck driver can be informed that the loading and unloading process can begin or is completed and can safely dock or drive away.

Dock bumpers

When a reversing truck collides with the loading bay, it can cause a lot of unwanted damage. Dock bumpers ensure that the loading bay, building and vehicle are protected against damage.


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The most dangerous situations

In the world of logistics, loading bays are often considered a potentially hazardous environment as large volumes of goods are loaded and unloaded, and preferably as quickly as possible. It is therefore important to invest in safety around your loading bay. We have listed the most common accidents.

1. Unexpected movements

A driver may drive off too early, which could result in damage to the building or the goods. In addition, it can even lead to injury to employees. It is wise to place traffic lights to inform drivers and employees when the loading and unloading process can start or is finished.

2. Human error

In most cases, the loading and unloading process is not yet fully automated and still requires human intervention. If the persons involved are not fully aware of the relevant safety regulations, this can lead to risks.


A loading bay always has two sides. It is therefore sensible to consider how the loading bay can be made safer on both sides by using accessories.

Improve safety on the outside

Loading Systems docking accessories

The loading and unloading process takes place on the outside of the building. The following situations may arise:

  • Risk of a truck hitting the building
  • Risk of a truck leaving too early
  • Risk of people walking around the loading bay/area

It is important to draw up a procedure beforehand on how to act during loading and unloading. In this way, personnel will follow one fixed method, which considerably minimises the risk of accidents.

In addition, various accessories, as mentioned earlier, can be used to increase safety around the loading bay. For example, a traffic light system can be used to prevent lorries from driving off during loading and unloading. A dock bumper can also be used to prevent lorries from causing damage to the building.

Increase safety on the inside

A loading bay is a point where several vehicles and persons come close to each other. This can greatly increase the risk of a collision. It is therefore advisable to make the loading bay more secure by means of protective bollards. Safety bollards can withstand extreme forces. In addition, safety mirrors can be installed inside and/or outside to increase visibility.

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