The right sectional overhead door for your business

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An overhead door, also known as a sectional door, is an important part of business premises. For example, the doors are used at supermarkets, production facilities and even car dealers. But nowadays there is more choice than ever. So how do you make sure that you choose an overhead door that fits the needs of your company? In our blog, we would like to give you some tips!

A sectional door that fits your requirements

A sectional door interrupts the air circulation between two areas of a building. At Loading Systems we have a wide range of modern overhead doors. We have the right solution for almost any situation; from simple and budget friendly versions to solutions for heavy industrial environments.

Aesthetic design; appearance does matter

In terms of aesthetics we have quite a few choices to ensure that the overhead door fits in perfectly with your working environment.

Unlimited colours!

It is possible to supply our doors in almost any colour. Looking for a custom colour? No problem for Loading Systems! Even if your preferred colour is not a RAL colour, we can still provide this. The only thing we require is a usable colour sample to determine the exact colour.

From completely closed doors to full vision panels

Every sector has different requirements. For example, we have a wide range of overhead doors; from fully closed doors to full vision panels. The Full vision doors have been specially developed for situations in which visibility and/or the incidence of light are of great importance.

Accessibility; no door is too small or too large thanks to our customisation

An overhead door is ideal for sealing off large passages. At Loading Systems we offer sectional doors in all shapes and sizes. We can tailor the door to your exact requirements so that the overhead door is always the perfect size for your situation.Some industrial applications, such as shipping or airports, require extra large overhead doors. Within these sectors, due to the higher requirements, custom-made solutions are often preferred. This way the door fits perfectly to your needs.

Would you like to know what Loading Systems could do for your company? Then contact one of our experts without any obligation! They will be happy to explain all the possibilities and provide you with the appropriate advice for your situation.

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Advantages of our Overhead doors

Why choose a Loading Systems overhead door? Quite simply, the door offers many advantages. For example, our overhead doors help companies to achieve optimum performance.

Overhead door Loading Systems

The advantages at a glance:

  • A solution for every situation
  • High insulation value
  • We customise the overhead door for you
  • Very durable
  • Very versatile; can be used in every sector
  • Many options; wicket door, full vision section, windows, ventilation grilles, various rail systems, etc.

Whitepaper: tips for choosing the ideal overhead door

In this extensive whitepaper we give you tips for choosing the ideal overhead door. Things can always be done more efficiently; saving you time, energy and money. Curious? Download our white paper here.

 White paper

Whitepaper - choosing the ideal overhead door

Sectional overhead doors: discover the versatility!

As mentioned, there are numerous possibilities for installing an overhead door. For example, we can realise any colour and doors can be supplied fully tailored to your requirements. The sectional door is used in many situations; from small projects to large distribution centres. Industrial sectional doors can be seen in almost every sector; car showrooms, food industry, logistics, retail, etc.

Every sector is different; so are the requirements within each sector. This also applies to the requirements for the indoor climate. A Loading Systems overhead door is therefore an excellent solution for companies where a constant interior temperature needs to be maintained. For example, the door ensures

  • Maintaining thermal separation
  • Minimising draughts
  • Eliminating condensation

In branches where the efficiency of the flow of goods, people and vehicles is important, the overhead door offers the ideal solution. For example, the door opens and closes quickly to keep businesses moving, minimising draughts and reducing energy consumption at the same time.

BIM: A solution for every challenge

Overhead door BIM model

Loading Systems offers a wide range of BIM models to make designing the optimal loading bay even easier. Because with our BIM models you can not only build better and more efficiently, but also a lot faster. Our BIM objects clearly demonstrate the options our loading products offer.

  • Archicad, autoCAD, Adsklib and Revit
  • Choose your dimension, options and colour

Get started and discover the best possibilities for each loading bay!

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