How to choose the right industrial door? Practical tips!

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Are you planning the construction of a new building? Or has the time come to upgrade your current industrial doors? Ordering a new industrial door is often put off due to the wide range of options available. This makes it difficult to make the right choice. With the tips below, we can help you choose the right industrial door for you!

What is an industrial door?

Industrial doors are a fundamental part of the business process. Doors ensure that the logistics process can take place not only safely and smoothly but also without obstacles. Thus, purchasing and installing an industrial door is a smart solution for any business.

Types of industrial doors

Loading Systems has a wide range of industrial door solutions. With over 55 years of experience, we are certain that we always have the best solution for every situation and location.

Industrial doors: what suits your situation?

Industrial doors have high added value for your building and processes. For instance, industrial doors not only provide an attractive appearance, but also ensure increased efficiency and safety. In addition, choosing the right door and operation can have a significant effect on the cost efficiency of your building.

Door choice is strongly influenced by several important factors:

  • Traffic intensity
  • Vehicle fleet variation
  • Internal means of transport
  • Access control
Industrial doors for all sectors

Tip 1: Industry doors for interior or exterior use?

A tremendous number of things matter in the industrial sector. For instance, durability, customization, and safety play an important role when finding the right industrial door. But it all starts with the purpose of the door. Will the industrial door be used indoors or outdoors? If the industrial door will be used outdoors, an overhead door is often the right solution. It is useful to start thinking about whether there will be a lot of traffic going in and out of your premises. In that case, it is a good idea to install a wicket door in the overhead door. This allows for fast passage and less heat loss. Is the industrial door used indoors? Then a high-speed door is a good choice. The high-speed door ensures that your logistics process is not delayed.

Tip 2: Choose an industrial door which contributes to the sustainability of the building

Sustainability is more important than ever. When it comes to industrial doors, we also think about new ways to insulate the building properly to prevent energy loss. Previously, we mentioned that a wicket door is a perfect solution if the overhead door needs to open and close frequently. But to take it one step further, we have developed a new high-speed overhead door. This door opens up to 5 times faster than a traditional overhead door, resulting in up to 4 times less energy loss. So, you save a considerable amount of energy every year.

Interested in other sustainable options for your industrial door? Then contact one of our experts. They will be happy to review all your requirements.

Tip 3: With or without glazing?

Where we have just talked about the importance of sustainability, this tip follows up on that seamlessly. By equipping the aluminum sections of the industrial door with transparent infills, maximum light output can be achieved. The natural light thus reduces the need for artificial lighting in the building. Our full-vision doors are not only used in situations where light incidence is important, but also where visibility and aesthetics are of great significance. For example, a full-vision door allows you to see well outside and inside, but also adds character to the building.

Tip 4: Make the door your own! Choose accessories

Our industrial doors are always custom-made with endless variations. So, the industrial access solution is always perfectly tailored to your (future) requirements. With features such as rubber seals and a bottom profile, you can ensure that condensation and air flow are kept to a minimum. In addition, no colour is too crazy at Loading Systems. Some doors can also be printed with your own logo, promotions, or products. This is especially useful in the retail sector, for example, if you want to stand out more with your custom industrial door.

Always a suitable solution with our industrial doors!

Every company has its own needs and challenges. Not quite sure yet which industrial door and accessories fit your needs? No worries! Feel free to contact us. We will look at the situation and location together and come up with a quality solution.

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