How Loading Systems serve the requirements of architects and specifiers

Submitted by E Looman on Thu, 06/27/2019 - 14:04


Our 50-year history in the manufacture of loading bay equipment and industrial doors has left us well-placed to appreciate how the needs of different categories of customer differ. While our business is based on manufacturing, supplying, installing and servicing highly specialised equipment, those services can manifest in many different bespoke ways.

We are certainly experienced, for example, in catering to the most specific requests of architects and specifiers, developing loading bay solutions while carefully considering such factors as the building, environment, operation, products, handling equipment and transport.

bimDevelop a winning partnership with us

If you are an architect or specifier and would like to benefit from loading bay equipment that boosts operational efficiency, speeds up throughput, reduces ongoing costs and complies with relevant health and safety standards, get in touch with the Loading Systems team today.

Our approach is founded on close work with specifiers at the earliest stages of a project, including the provision of technical advice and design support through the interchange of digital drawing files, BIM files and generic CAD blocks.

The complete range of industry-leading loading bay equipment

architectThere is a wealth of solutions that could be right for your needs as an architect or specifier, and Loading Systems can provide them all, from industrial doors, dock levellers and dock shelters, right through to dock houses, lifting platforms and dock ancillaries.

Not only can we assist with the selection of the right products for a given site’s operational requirements, but we can also help you to decide on the optimal design layout for your loading bays.

Maintenance isn’t neglected, either

Finally, there is our motto – ‘we take care’. This is a philosophy of our brand that we take very seriously, as demonstrated through our extensive after care offering, encompassing the finest in both preventative and reactive maintenance.

Our acclaimed planned preventative maintenance (PPM) packages are based on a Change Parts In Time (CPIT) process that sees parts with known life expectancies replaced during service before they are allowed to fail. However, customers can also count on the highest standard of 24/7 reactive maintenance from our fully trained service technicians!

Whatever your expectations and requirements for loading bay equipment and industrial doors as an architect or specifier, Loading Systems is the partner that you should have continually by your side. Call us on +31 (0)320 225200 or email:  to talk to one of our experts.