Just how efficient and complete a solution can our high speed doors be for your business?

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Any organisation that finds itself needing to specify new industrial doors for its loading bays must also take the time to contemplate a broad range of factors. For example, from lifespan and maintenance concerns, right through to safety and energy efficiency, there are many elements that must be considered.Loading Systems High Speed Doors

As the term suggests, high speed doors are customarily chosen where there is a need for the door in question to open and close quickly. One obvious example is when the given environment must be scrupulously temperature-controlled, yet vehicles are frequently coming and going from the premises.

A sophisticated door that addresses all obvious – and less obvious – needs

Our own high speed doors here at Loading Systems certainly tick the ‘speed’ box, moving as swiftly as two metres per second if required by the client. However, there are also good reasons why we are proud to declare these doors an ‘all-in-one’ solution, by no means only delivering speed.

You might not have been aware, for example, of the superior seal that our high speed doors incorporate, combining quietness with up to class-four wind resistance. These doors also boast reassuring standard safety features, including a flexible door leaf without horizontal replacement profiles and soft edge bottom profile. This arrangement helps to ensure safety in the event of anyone accidentally driving or walking against the door leaf.

Furthermore, our high speed doors are even self-repairing after a crash over the full clear size height. When the above factors are considered alongside the aesthetics, such as the beautiful design of these doors and the 13 different colours in which the curtain can be specified, it should become clear to you just how comprehensive a solution our high speed doors can be for firms like yours.


Request a competitive quotation for the perfect high speed door for your site

Different high speed doors are available from us for different environments and circumstances – from the 640NG CLEAN that represents an excellent solution for the likes of pharmaceutical and chemical cleanrooms, right through to the 650NG high speed folding door designed with large industrial passages in mind.

You can learn all about these various options by perusing the relevant downloadable leaflets on our website. Contact one of our experts to determine the model(s) of high speed door that are best-suited to your organisation’s premises or request a quote immediately.