Help, a fault on your industrial door. This is how you prevent downtime!

Submitted by E Looman on Wed, 04/13/2022 - 11:37

Nothing is more annoying than a defect in your industrial door. Industrial doors that do not work, do not provide any benefit. In fact, a breakdown only costs money. Fortunately, Loading Systems offers the solution!

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How do breakdowns occur?

Every industrial building is characterised by a constant flow of goods and people. Because industrial doors open and close at high speed, they cause fewer disruptions to the logistic process. Whether it is an overhead door, high-speed door or fire door, the constant flow puts pressure on the doors and causes small parts to work overtime to ensure that the product functions as well as possible. In time, wear and tear will affect the efficiency and quality of the door, causing it to close less effectively.

The solution? Regular maintenance

Preventive maintenance guarantees optimum operation of your industrial door. Through preventive inspection, the technician can detect possible faults at an early stage. In this way, you are protected from unnecessarily high costs and you extend the door's life span. The maintenance is performed by our skilled technicians.

Why is preventive maintenance necessary?

An uninspected or poorly maintained loading bay can be dangerous for your goods and, more importantly, your people! Industrial doors need regular maintenance, just like your car for example. Without maintenance, the mechanical parts of an industrial door will foul and possible defects can occur. An annual inspection is therefore completely in your own interest. In addition, it is also a statutory requirement, which is often forgotten.

Inspection obligation

Did you know that you are legally obliged to have your industrial door(s) inspected at least once a year? Annual maintenance is compulsory in many countries and should be carried out by an authorised service company. Our competent technicians are aware of the current legal requirements and standards.

Increasing safety

It is highly recommended to have the safety provisions of your industrial door(s) checked regularly. This will prevent accidents from occurring on the company floor and will ensure safety again.

Fewer breakdowns, less costs - choose a Loading Systems maintenance contract

Because every company has different needs and requirements, Loading Systems always offers you a bespoke maintenance contract. This way we can ensure that we support your operational management in the most optimal way. For example, by means of a maintenance contract:

  • Minimise downtime
  • Increase safety
  • Save costs
  • Guarantee the CE classes issued

Why choose a maintenance contract with Loading Systems?

Superbly equipped

Our mechanics have a large stock of spare parts available in their fully equipped service vehicles. This way, we are always able to provide quick service! If a part is not immediately in stock, we can deliver it quickly thanks to good relations with our suppliers

Skilled service engineers

Our qualified service staff receive continuous training through certified courses. This way, you can be sure of professional maintenance and repairs.

Brand-independent service

With more than 50 years of experience and expertise, we are able to provide brand-independent maintenance for all your installations. So you only need one maintenance contract for the maintenance of all your industrial doors!

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