Dock shelters

An optimum seal between the building and vehicle to protect the goods, lower illness rates and reduce energy consumption.

Loading Systems dock shelters are manufactured to provide optimum stability and durability. A complete range is available to suit all types of vehicles. 

  • Durable, long life span
  • Aesthetic design
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Protect goods
  • Lower illness rates

Which dock shelter do I need?

Cushion dock shelter

Best suited to vehicles which have minimal differences in size, for example a dedicated vehicle fleet.

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Curtain dock shelter

Used for a wider variation of purposes and are well suited where a wide variety of different sized vehicles are served.

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Curtain dock shelter with special foam core

Well suited to container vehicles or vehicles which raise and lower over extreme distances.

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Inflatable dock shelter

The most effective way of sealing between the vehicle and warehouse. Particularly where the vehicles vary significantly in size.

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