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We take care.

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Current job vacancies:

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Customer Support Engineer (German) (m/w)

Shock Absorbing Bumper

Damage to the concrete platform by shock loads of approaching vehicles belong to the past with our new shock absorbing dock bumper. Read more


Going the extra mile for you. That is my motivation!

Robert-Jan van Diest - Sales Manager Loading Systems International

Loading bay safety

Prevent accidental drive-offs

The area around the loading bay can be a dangerous working zone. Accidental drive-offs and creeping of the vehicle or trailer can lead to dangerous situations. With the Loading Systems protection systems these situations can be prevented.


Dock Management System

The Dock Management System, jointly developed by Loading Systems and Traka is a unique, easily installed and affordable sollution to prevent an industry problem that has caused countless accidents and injuries. Read more


Vehicle restraint system

The Loading Systems vehicle restraint system locks most vehicles or trailers onto the loading bay to create an ulitmately safe situation. Read more



Fully automated truck loading system

ATLS is a fully automated truck loading system, which makes your loading and unloading operations faster, safer and with lower operational costs. Read more


We take care.

Service as a principle

With offices throughout Europe we are always located close by to ensure our expert employees are readily available to serve and advise you. Throughout Europe we have a fleet of extensively stocked company vehicles and expert engineers who are always available for you to ensure quick service and maintenance is delivered. Read more