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Dock houses

Investments and tax advantages are something you should always consider when designing the warehouse layout. This is where dock houses can be an economic attractive alternative to traditional dock leveller pit systems. A cost-effective externally mounted dock house improves the utilisation of the relative expensive internal warehouse space within the building.
Loading systems Dock houses

Economically attractive

Only a minimum of structural factors need to be considered for a dock house. This is why dock houses are also well suited to expanding existing buildings, and as the design is a modular portable construction they are particularly well suited to locating on leased properties. Furthermore, in new building projects, dock houses are significantly more cost effective because the design does not require expensive concrete openings or pits creating in the building for dock levellers. Dock houses can easily be relocated to another part of the building or can even be relocated to an alternative site if this is something which you are considering at sometime throughout the products lifetime. Furthermore, because the loading and unloading opening is situated in a dock house externally, this allows the warehouse environment to be fully closed which means that the dock house is also a HACCP solution.

Thermal insulation benefits

Due to thermal separation between the building and dock equipment, sealing of the building is improved resulting in significantly improved energy efficiency.

Fully integrated modular construction

The dock house incorporates a steel platform with the required size of dock leveller and dock bumpers to suite your operational needs. We offer a selection of insulated and non-insulated roof and wall panels in several colours, profiles and finishes to match your requirements and in most cases we can even match the existing scheme of the building. The front of the dock house can be sealed with the addition of a dock shelter which is available as an option.
Loading Systems dock houses #1Loading Systems dock houses #2

By integrating a dock leveller into the dock house most dock heights can be adapted to provide a seamless interface between the vehicle height and the internal warehouse floor.

Dock houses can be delivered either as individual units or linked together. When external yard space restrictions are an issue, we can even offer single units or linked units in a saw tooth arrangement.

Dock houses can also be designed to allow the vehicle doors to be opened after docking.

Platform constructionLoading Systems dock houses #3

In situations where insulation or extreme weather conditions are an issue, Loading Systems can offer standard or customized dock house platforms in either insulated or un-insulated constructions.