Trust Loading Systems to bring you the ultimate ‘last-mile delivery’ solutions

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As we have all come to realise during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the things in life that we may initially consider to be safe and secure, can quickly become very far from that. Equally, trends already in motion can accelerate as a result of a simple change in circumstances beyond anyone’s control.



Such has been the case with the coronavirus crisis which has seen many more of us largely marooned at home, and therefore often dependent on the delivery of vital items directly to our home.

It is no surprise then, that organisations across the UK and Europe have sought to capitalise on these changes in demand by strengthening and optimising their home delivery arrangements. Therefore, when your business is looking to bring its own ‘last mile’ logistics firmly into this new decade, you can scarcely hope for a better-placed or more advantageously equipped partner than Loading Systems.


We go beyond the mere provision of vital loading bay equipment 

The efficient, constant and trouble-free operation of your loading bay will naturally be one of your organisation’s uppermost priorities.

This can partly be achieved, of course, by having the right loading bay equipment installed and ready to go at your business’s premises. Your options in this regard include such specialised products as dock levellers, dock shelters, industrial doors and the related protection systems and accessories.

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Van-dock levellers and Combi-dock levellers, for instance, have been especially widely appreciated by our customers across the continent since the pandemic began to make itself felt on supply chains in this part of the world.

These solutions bring both safety and efficiency to the process of unloading a delivery vehicle, at a time when there has scarcely been greater scrutiny of every aspect of these sensitive and all-important operations.

However, if you are familiar with Loading Systems’ reputation as a ‘total solutions provider’, or our long-held mantra that ‘We Take Care’, you will also know it is not the loading bay equipment alone that ‘does the job’. After all, your organisation will also require, over time, maintenance and repair expertise that you can truly rely on.

Sure enough, the comprehensiveness of our maintenance and support service very much matches the fastidiousness of our design, manufacture and installation of all manner of leading-edge solutions for premises like yours.

It is just one more of the many factors helping to make Loading Systems one of the most innovative and trustworthy names in loading bay equipment and maintenance for firms in a broad assortment of sectors.


Both preventative and reactive maintenance can be vital to keeping your loading bay equipment in the best possible shape

Given the considerable investment that such loading bay essentials as industrial doors, dock levellers, dock shelters and lifting platforms represent for even the best-resourced organisations, the importance of a well-sorted maintenance regime for this equipment must not be overlooked.

The continued efficiency and safety of your firm’s loading bay equipment is something that we can take great pride in ensuring here at Loading Systems.

Take out a Service Agreement with our skilled and experienced professionals, and your organisation can benefit from the complete tailor-made service and maintenance regime.


Our preventative maintenance is as impressive as our reactive maintenance

By all means, you will wish to partner with a company that can be depended on for utterly sterling reactive loading bay maintenance, for those occasions when a malfunction is sudden and unexpected and poses a real threat to the fuss-free productivity of your business.










Sure enough, Loading Systems provides an all-encompassing package in this regard. We have an extensive network of directly employed, fully trained service technicians who are able to swiftly come to your aid on a 24/7 basis.

However, the fact of the matter is that if your firm is serious about minimising its operational downtime, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring the continued compliance of its equipment with current Health and Safety regulations, there must also be a preventative element to your maintenance regime.

This is another key speciality of our company, and you can take advantage simply by signing a Service Agreement with us. It could be an invaluable step to future-proofing your loading bay equipment’s efficiency, with our Change Parts In Time (CPIT) process enabling components with known life expectancies to be replaced prior to the point at which they are at risk of failing.


You’ll struggle to find a superior extended warranty

Any good supplier of loading bay equipment like ourselves will be dedicated to ensuring an almost seamless relationship between their supply, installation and maintenance services.

A good example of how we deliver this here at Loading Systems is the five-year no-quibble extended warranty that we provide on all of our new equipment. This means that if a component within your new equipment investment does fail, our engineers will make an on-site visit and replace the problem item at no cost to you for either parts or labour.


In the age of COVID-19, you really can expect the complete solution from us

The coronavirus may have upended the world we live in and closed off some opportunities; however, it has also in the process, opened up other opportunities. It is these openings that your organisation needs to be in a position to seize upon from the get-go in 2021.

Are you ready to upgrade your business’s approach to loading bay equipment sourcing, servicing, maintenance and ‘last mile’ deliveries, with a little help from Loading Systems?


If so, our highly professional and capable team would be delighted to discuss your needs – and our vast range of solutions. Simply contact us