Change Parts In Time (CPIT) Programme - Preventative Maintenance

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Of all of the areas of a warehouse, the loading bay is unquestionably one of the most dangerous, and therefore one of the most important as far as maintenance is concerned. 

It is central to the smooth running of the logistics and distribution process, with operational efficiency highly dependent on a fastidious and comprehensive approach to loading bay maintenance.
In order to keep you up and running with little to no downtime, you could benefit from our Change Parts In Time (CPIT) programme.

monteur Our CPiT programme is geared towards ensuring the replacement of components with known life expectancies - such as wearing parts and hydraulic hoses - during service, rather than only once they’ve failed. This helps to keep your business operation continuous, efficient and safe.  

If your equipment does need an engineer, we can provide the highest standard of reactive maintenance of your loading bays, industrial doors, lifting platforms, dock levellers and associated products whenever required.  Our fully-trained service technicians are ready to respond on a 24 hour, 7 days per week basis, wherever your firm is based.

We pride ourselves on our high first-fix rates and draw upon such up-to-the-minute technologies as vehicle tracking for quickly locating technicians; mobile data transfer for sending information to technicians ahead of their arrival and well-stocked engineers vans to help achieve our excellent high first-fix rate record.

Our CPiT programme will help keep you compliant with manufacturer warranties, reduce the likelihood of premature component and equipment failure and minimise the need for significant financial outlay on repairs or replacement parts.

Here are just three of the ways in which Loading Systems applies its maintenance experience and expertise to keep your supply chain running with the minimum of disruption and cost.

  1. We embrace both preventative and reactive maintenance 

    • Why work with a company that is unable to provide you with the maintenance regime that will foresee and prevent operational emergencies – or for that matter, one that cannot give you the benefit of a prompt and dependable response to any sudden failure of your equipment?
    • Both preventative and reactive measures are key components of our loading bay maintenance services here at Loading Systems. 
  2. Our Service Agreement gives you peace of mind 

    • Whether you wish it to be the case or not, the reality is that your specialised loading bay equipment is unlikely to realise its maximum performance and longevity potential unless certain maintenance measures are in place. 
    • Take out a Service Agreement with Loading Systems, and you can be sure of all conceivable bases being covered – from planned preventative maintenance (PPM) and legislative and health and safety compliance to a prioritised reaction to breakdowns 24/7 and the immediate availability of spare parts. 
  3. An Extended Warranty that makes maintenance budgeting even easier

    • While a Service Agreement with us will certainly give you an industry-leading breadth of maintenance benefits, also including the likes of additional discounts on accessories and parts and a one-year manufacturer warranty, by combining it with our Extended Warranty, you can even further minimise both operating costs and equipment downtime. 


You can specify an Extended Warranty with us lasting from one to five years, and encompassing such invaluable elements as full warranty cover for equipment failure, prioritised engineer response times and 24/7 call centre support. It’s just one more of the many ways in which we show we take care. 

Rise up to the greatest operational challenges that could face your supply chain and deliver the best possible results for your company and customers, all while minimising your worries about the continued safe and efficient operation of your loading bay. 
Entrust Loading Systems with your company’s loading bay maintenance, and you will have the assurance of having chosen the industry’s best.


Call us today on +420 241 767 854 to find out how our knowledge of loading bay maintenance could make a crucial difference to your own organisation’s day-to-day productivity and efficiency.