2019 in review!

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Before we start with this "year in review", we would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and a prosperous new year!

The year 2019 has come to an end! A lot has happened during 2019 and we like to go through some of the events in this blog post. Everyone has, yet again, done their very best, this has resulted in beautiful, completed projects.

The below is just a very small selection of that what has happened during the past year. Follow us on LinkedIn & Facebook to stay up to date of what is happening!

High Speed Doors in Chimay

Back in 2017, we wrote about one of our favourite beverages, beer. Back then we wrote about Cisk, a Maltese brewery but this time it is the Belgian Trappist Brewery Chimay, in Chimay.

It is the Scourmont Abbey near Chimay where on a yearly basis, 123.000 hectoliters Trappist beer gets brewed. That is approximately 37.500.000 bottles of beer. When bottling beer, a hygienic work environment is required by HACCP standards. To achieve this, whilst not compromising the supply chain, the Chimay bottling facility is therefor fitted with High Speed Doors at all openings.

Did you know there are only 12 legitimate Trappist breweries in the world? The Chimay Brewery is one of the oldest (1863) still in existence.

As they would say in the Wallonia (Belgium): Santé!

Overview image

Our project department often receives photographs of our engineers in the field. Quite often you will see these images then being posted on their personal LinkedIn accounts. 

The example below shows a beautiful just installed project in the Netherlands. We get very enthusiast by these images and love to see a complete loading bay being installed successfully. 

More of these, please!

Luiknatie time-lapse 

Most industrial buildings are built at a rapid pace. One day you drive by and only see the internal steel construction and the other day the building is nearly finished including complete loading bays.

The video below, shot at Luiknatie in Belgium, shows what actually happens during the installation of our dock levellers, dock shelters and industrial doors. 

Who knew that this is what it takes to deliver an industrial building?  

Hygiene at one of Russia's largest chain of convenient stores 

For the next post, we move to the eastern edge of Europe, near Kazan in the east of European Russia. 

At the Zelenodolsk Technical Park, Loading Systems Russia installed special ISO-dock loading bays. These loading bays guarantee their client, X5 Retail Group, optimum insulation between the outside and inside (working) environment. The Pyaterochka chain of convenient stores is one of the retail formats owned by the X5 Retail Group.

Going one step further

The Pyaterochka convenient stores offer all sorts of food, including freshly baked bread and vegetables. Hygiene is, yet again, an important topic at the distribution centres. Besides the ISO-docks loading bays, we also installed multiple High Speed Doors. Loading Systems High Speed Doors open at 2.0 m/s, which means the X5 Retail Group gets great insulation between parts inside the building without compromising the internal logistic efforts. 

Счастливых праздников! (Happy Holidays!)

Health & Safety

Loading Systems sees Health and Safety as a top priority. We not only deliver safe and effective loading bay solutions for your business. We also make sure our team of engineers is provided with the best possible protective gear to do their jobs! 

A recent HSE Enforcement control measure was put in place in the United Kingdom in February this year to protect employees and members of the public from the risks associated with inhalation of welding fumes. This is why we fitted all our UK company vans with the required equipment.

Happy, but also a safe, New Year!

Automatic Sequence Control for safety

After the United Kingdom, we head to Poland. Our Polish branch delivered a project with advanced configurations.  

We manufacture our products in our own factories in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. This makes us capable of creating highly intelligent control units which can operate in an Automatic Sequence Control. Operating a loading bay in a preset sequence makes the entire process safer. A leveller cannot be operated before the overhead door is opened and, when installed, a vehicle restraint systems must be positions before the door can be operated. This prevents damage and ensures optimal usage of the loading bay.

We take care.

An apple a day...

When browsing our social media feed, we sometimes scroll past beautiful images of loading bays, just like the ones below!

In the Netherlands, we installed multiple complete loading bays at the newly build facility of Postuma AGF, a Dutch wholesaler in fruits and vegetables. The green overhead doors perfectly fit the brand's logo and its sustainable way of doing business. 

Keeps the doctor away!

We are ready for 2020

These are just a few examples of what has happened in 2019. That being said, we look forward to what 2020 might bring you and us. We hope to see all of it in our social feeds! Publish all content on your personal or companies' social media accounts and we will do our best to include it in the next overview, which might come quicker than you think!

We take care.