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During the last period, our colleagues around the globe shared pictures of their day-to-day jobs, projects in development and finished projects. Have a look at what kept us busy during this period.


57 Loading bays were installed at a DHL facility in Chemnitz, Germany.

DHL Chemnitz, Germany

A new colorfull project with 57 loading systems loading bays. DHL Chemnitz.


Vifon, a producer of instant food, opened a new factory in Hai Duong, Vietnam. We supplied multiple stepped dock solutions.


We are going to stay in the far east for this post. This customer in Japan uses Loading Systems inflatable dock shelters to keep their imported banana’s green and fresh.

Handmade drawings

At Loading Systems we do our best to supply our customers, partners and colleagues with the best possible service. This includes, when needed, handmade drawings for complex replacement projects where a traditional dock leveller is to be replaced by our Combidock leveller. Luckily we have enough Loading Systems pencils available.

Ouderwetse skills

Soms komen ouderwetse skills best van pas bij complexe vervangingsprojecten! Plaatsing van een CombiDock in een bestaande put van een standaard PoweRamp.

FM Logistics

FM logistics uses Loading Systems products around the globe, like in this project in France. Do the loading bays look familiar? That is highly possible! FM uses a uniform layout for all their buildings.

FM logistics

Again a finished project of Loading Systems for FM Logistic. Installed by team of Fabien DEFI.


The Lead Technical Project Engineer of Loading Systems the Netherlands, visited Qatar to assist with the installation of nearly 200 loading bays.

Wilox Strumpfwaren

Back to Germany, where we have installed multiple complete loading bays with special dock houses at this factory of hosiery.

Fantastic job in Blackburn

Is aesthetics important for you? Have a look at the post of Jason. Our curtain dock shelters have long-lasting curtains and the aluminium profiles have a beautiful finish.

Fantastic job in Blackburn

Five year warranty on all parts and labour.We take care.

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But there was more!

During the last period, we also have started the Loading Systems 360° campaign. This campaign grants you a look inside our world, the world of Loading Systems. Curious about our stories, our drive or our background? Make sure you check out the LS360 page!

Loading Systems 360°