High-speed doors from Loading Systems stand for much more than speed

Napsal uživatel E Looman dne So, 03/07/2020 - 10:20

You may take an interest in the high-speed doors produced by Loading Systems for many reasons, not least the need to exclude draughts, maintain temperatures and reduce energy consumption. That’s why you are likely to be thankful for such features of our high-speed doors as their draught excluding seals, as well as – of course – their rapid opening and closing speeds.

Certainly, while the operation speed of our high-speed doors is important in terms of enhancing your buildings’ internal traffic flow and comfort, there are many more fine reasons to specify them.


Why may you invest in our high-speed doors?

At a time when there remains a sustained high level of pressure to enhance and refine logistics and production processes, meet rising energy costs and cater to ever-more stringent safety requirements, our high-speed doors can assist your organisation with all of these goals.

As aforementioned, the exclusion of draughts is certainly one strong reason to ask us about our high-speed doors, but their formidable specification also includes a high level of crash resistance and self-repairing capabilities.

Their high opening and closing speeds, meanwhile, bring real energy-saving benefits, and are driven by a variable speed drive that checks acceleration and deceleration times. 



An impressive variety of features and options

There’s much to appreciate about Loading Systems’ high speed doors, including the scope to specify those that suit even the most specialised requirements your firm may have.

You may also be interested in the modular panels that are used in our high speed doors, and which allow for adjustments to be made and the straightforward replacement of any worn or damaged panels. Meanwhile, there are also various standard colours in which the door leaf, protective covers and profiles of our high-speed doors can be specified, and if desired, you can even print your own choice of design in full colour onto the door leaf.

Models of high-speed door from which you can choose here at Loading Systems include the 640, which is a rolling speed door ideal for intensive use, and the 650, which is a folding speed door designed for medium to large openings where a substantial wind load is present. The latter is also a recommended solution between areas subjected to considerable differences in pressure.

It couldn’t be simpler to learn more about how high-speed doors from Loading Systems can meet your full breadth of practical requirements. Simply contact our team today on +421 337 748 795 or email: info@tyros-loading-systems.sk  to discuss which solution may be the best match for your needs.