A Loading Systems inflatable dock shelter makes use of two robust durable inflatable cushions to create the seal between the dock and the vehicle. There are two versions - a built-in model and a front projection model. The cushions are made of polyester trevira fabric with a dull PVC coating on both sides. On both sides a wear-resistant  durable, antistatic PVC coating is applied.  Both versions are finished with an anodised aluminium frame. The dock shelter is resistant to all weather conditions and supplied with galvanized protection consoles.

  • Durable, long lifespan
  • Energy efficient
  • Aesthetic design
  • User friendly



Durable, long lifespan

Since the durable cushions are inflated only after the vehicle is docked, they are not subject to its forces, which significantly increases the average lifespan. In the event of premature vehicle departure damage is prevented by the unique free moving cushion mounting.


Energy efficient

The economical blower motor maintains the pressure during loading and unloading. The speed is automatically adapted to the amount of air required. This helps reduce energy consumption even further to about 35%!


Aesthetic design

When deflated the cushions with accordion design are retracted nicely behind the protection strips thus not compromising the aesthetics of the building and allowing the driver a clear view during docking.


User friendly

The 407 dock shelter is operated with the use of just one button and can be programmed to your preferred operating sequence. To ensure optimum effectiveness the loading bay door cannot be opened until the dock shelter is fully inflated.