The cold storage sector is served in a variety of ways by our loading bay solutions and expertise

Submitted by A Munt on Thu, 01/10/2019 - 15:53

We are pleased to be able to cater to all manner of types of clients here at Easilift Loading Systems, including architects, dotcom companies, developers, manufacturers and pharmaceutical firms, to name just a few. However, even by the standards of many of those industries, the cold storage sector is a specialised and demanding one. 

After all, the typical business in this industry is concerned not only with the preservation of the right temperature for the given goods in storage, but also ensuring operations are smooth and efficient, with zero interruption to the cold chain. 

How have we answered such specific needs here at Easilift Loading Systems? 

With such respected names in the cold storage industry as Heron Foods, Iceland, Tesco, Yearsley Group and Stonegrove Refrigeration having all benefitted from our in-depth loading bay expertise down the years, you can have faith in your own organisation receiving much the same impeccable standard of service from us. 

One other cold storage firm that we have served, for instance, is Newcold. The company is one of the most trusted integrated service providers for cold chain logistics, and was assisted in keeping its own cold chain unbroken by our provision of an innovative four-sided inflatable shelter. 

This solution showed the wealth of possibilities for firms contacting us about our dock shelters, with the secure seal that it created between all four sides of the loading/unloading vehicle and the loading bay significantly reducing temperature loss from a -28 degree environment. 

Another job in the cold storage sector where our know-how in dock shelters proved invaluable was the one that saw us fit our curtain dock shelters, swing lip dock levellers and sectional overhead doors at a new facility for the Belgian family business, Gemex. The new premises combined offices, storage and cooling, with the fruit and vegetables that the company exported entering and leaving the building through seven complete loading bays. 

The right equipment for the right environments 

Whatever the demands of your own premises, if your cold storage firm is on the lookout for the most reputable and knowledgeable supplier of dock levellers, dock shelters, vehicle restraints, high speed doors and double deck lifts, it doesn’t need to look further than Easilift Loading Systems. 

To learn more about how we can bring your organisation suitably high-calibre and tailored solutions to boost the efficiency and safety of your operations and – ultimately – your bottom line, simply call 0800 160 1965 today.