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505 vehicle restraint system

Premature vehicle departure or “Drive-Off”

Most accidents near and on the loading and unloading platform are caused by premature vehicle departure or “Drive-Off”. This is often due to inadequate communication between the vehicle driver and forklift truck driver, or perhaps the warehouse operative.

"Creeping" of a vehicle or trailer

Loading Systems protection systems 505 vehicle restraint system #1Another unsafe scenario is caused by "creeping". When a forklift truck or MHE moves from the warehouse to the vehicle the resulting momentum forces can cause the vehicle to creep away from the warehouse. When this scenario occurs, the dock leveller lip can drop from the bed of the vehicle which can also lead to a dangerous situation. This scenario can occur even when the brakes of vehicle are activated and the wheels are chocked. When this scenario occurs, the dock leveller lip can drop from the bed of the vehicle which can also lead to a dangerous situation.

When this happens, the resulting consequences can lead to serious injury or even a fatality. The Loading Systems PowerLock 505 prevents vehicles and trailers from “Drive-Off’” situations and also prevents vehicles from "creeping" away from the loading bay.

The Loading Systems vehicle restraint system locks most vehicles or trailers onto the loading bay to create an ultimately safe situation.

PowerLock 505 - BenefitsLoading Systems protection systems 505 vehicle restraint system #2

The PowerLock 505 can easily be operated and is virtually free from failures. This is achieved because we have designed a product with a limited number of moving parts. We have designed a product which restricts the number of mechanical drives to only the essential components. This also results in simple and minimum maintenance requirements.


The warehouse operative controls a push button station inside the warehouse which operates a hydraulic cylinder to mechanically lock the rear most wheel of the vehicle. Built-in sensors detects the vehicle wheel position to ensure the wheel lock system is always extended to the correct position, guaranteeing that the arm of the wheel lock is always locked up hard against the vehicle wheel and preventing  any "creeping" from the loading bay.


The wheel lock system's movement is indicated by means of an acoustic and optic signal. External (red/green) and internal (red/orange/green) signal lights indicate that the vehicle is locked and restrained, and that loading and unloading process can be safely initiated. Clear and concise signage is also provided for the vehicle driver giving clear instructions on when it is safe for the driver to depart from the loading bay.


The robust, hot-galvanised construction is designed to keep a parked vehicle locked safely in place. The design also incorporates an integrated vehicle wheel guide which ensures that the vehicle is always positioned in the centre of the loading or unloading bay. These design features ensure the loading and unloading process is a simple process and also prevents damage to the equipment and vehicle.

The hydraulic Powerlock 505 can easily be installed on a concrete floor, steel plates and most other surfaces. The system is designed to be robust enough to cope and perform under all weather conditions.


- Optimal safety.
- Suitable for most types of vehicle models.
- Push button operation for hydraulically locking / unlocking of the vehicle.
- Possibility to interface and interlock with dock leveller and industrial door controls.
- Automatic vehicle wheel detection.
- Theft-prevention benefits (unlocking of wheel from the inside only).
- Functions as a wheel guide for docking vehicles.
- Functions under all weather conditions.
- Hot-galvanised materials.
- Powerpack mounted remotely.
- Maintenance-friendly due to minimal mechanical drive components.
- Emergency override unlocking system in the event of power failure.